Resource Page

In a lot of my Blog Posts I talk about people and books that have inspired me or taught me strategies that I have implemented

This resource page is a quick access for you the reader in case something I have mentioned has resonated with you and is something you would like to invest in to invest in your self

Please be aware I am part of the Amazon Affiliate program as well as an affiliate to a couple more products and services. I will only every affiliate to or promote something that I have had first hand experience to and have gained value from and as an affiliate I never make any money from the customer. The affiliate program supplier pays me for recommending a customer to them if they choose to purchase

The Obstacle is The Way – was brought to my attention at the start of Lockdown in the UK and helped my Mindset immensely to see how to have a solution based outlook in any scenario ~ it also taught me how many businesses we know today came about to fulfil a need in times of hardship and provide a much needed service.

Who moved my Cheese ~ I read this book 8 years before Covid-19 happened but as soon as it did and forced me to close my Bricks n Mortar business I thank the Universe it brought it in to my awareness because I immediately thought “Ok my cheese has moved, what do I need to do?” and as I sat watching other people not Pivoting I thought to myself “They are waiting for their cheese to come back” This book is a really quick read but could literally be the turning point you need it times of difficulty & once you read it noticed how many top leaders you notice talk about the cheese moving and what they did about it

As our lifestyles changed and social distancing queues became the norm I invested in some ear buds that were the fraction of the cost of the big brands. Have an amazing battery life and charge in their case ready for the next queue and the next podcast or eBook you want to listen to. They are compact to wear and compact to store and pop easily in a pocket or a bag and connect immediately and pause effortlessly when you get to the till. They are called Umi and come in various colours

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