Please, Please, Please ..Pause !

Please Please Please ……

Pause !!!

I’ll explain why below ⬇️

I followed Inspired Action recently to listen to Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”

On my original reading, this book taught me to appreciate the little things we take for granted like the simple task of washing dishes and whenever I get to much in to my own head trying to fix things and feeling stuck. Stepping away and indulging in a mundane task gives my brain the opportunity to pop the solution into my thoughts

Last week a dear friend Ray Coates sent me a piece of his music to listen to and it caused me to have a paradigm shift

It reminded Me of the message I was trying to express with my work for my Art Degree finals

Despite still holding to this value and occasionally expressing it I realised my purpose was to express it consistently

Sadly last night I heard some news I had premonitioned

I hope this now also creates a paradigm shift to

I have resonated “away” from the people who advocate go, go, go ! Hard work and not much down time and God forbid taking time to watch Netflix or have a TV full stop 🛑

My philosophy is buy the shoes, eat the chocolate, take the vacation and snuggle up with your significant other and watch Netflix because while you’re building, building, building none of us know what tomorrow will bring and what opportunities will have been lost to experience

This morning while driving in our favourite car my favourite culture club song came on the stereo and the morning sun was shining on my face

That’s all it takes to experience the Power of Now and being in the presence of Bliss

But do you ?

Do you just take time out in any given day and just relax and breath?

Feel appreciation for all that you have or are you living in the past and fearing the future?

I truly believe (and I have read it is scientifically proven) that not giving our bodies time to relax and being in a constant state of stress and reaction causes blockages in the body that manifest into physical pain and illness

That’s what I feared would happen for these hard work advocates and now I see that manifesting … unfortunately !!!

I have a vision for an easier way. The Ho’OPonoPono Way of living and building businesses we love. In flow and living in Gratitude and that’s where my focus is now going as well as inspiring others to take time to enjoy the Power of Now 🙏🏻

The piece of music I mentioned. I have dropped it below

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