Playing the Pam Game

Today I’ve been Playing the Pam Grout game.

For any of you, as I am, are aware of Pam Grout you’ll be aware she often blogs “Why I Am the luckiest Person on the Planet”

Sorry Pam but today without planning it I was playing the “Why I am the luckiest person on the Planet”

Usual day, come home from work starting to prepare evening meal. Sat down with a small snack and a coffee to relax and hadn’t picked a TV program to watch but had to switched it on and while it was playing away to it self I did pick up on the presenter saying “after the break I dare anyone not to get moved by this story”.

I casually paid attention about a young boy who had developed a condition that affects his muscles and then the mother explaining how a friend asked did they know anyone who could a adopt a 3 legged no tailed dog and continues that the minute her son and the dog meet the energy in the room changed. Then my attention picked up. Owen the little boy knows he’s different and knew ‘Haatchi’ the dog is different. As described by a friend on the VT. First they save Haatchi and then Haatchi saved Owen. This dog is the most gentlest animal I’ve ever seen and the connection between the two of them was phenomenal. Everyone on the VT spoke of how amazing Owen is and for the first time ever I could actually physically feel the gentleness in spirit in both dog and Owen and physically feel this special connection through my TV screen. I could actually feel my heart swelling inside my chest and said while clutching my chest

“Oh my God I Am so grateful, I AM the luckiest person alive.”

I felt So lucky for my health and so lucky for my vision and hearing to be able to experience such a ‘Heart Warming’ story coming out of my TV and just completely blessed by the whole experience and my own physical presence.

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