My Story

Hi My Name is Ali 

In my late 40s I found myself in a dark place of disappointment and frustration. I took a step back and thought, ‘If this is how I’m going into my 50s, I’m going to be miserable!’

I didn’t want a gloomy life. I wanted a wonderful life of freedom and joy. I had worked all my life without much real joy at all. I decided that something had to change. I became aware that people with similar backgrounds to me were creating fulfilling lives, enjoying lifestyles full of success and happiness, doing what they loved and loving what they were doing.

This inspired me to believe I could implement the skills I learnt from them and consistently practice personal development. This belief and using The Law of Attraction and Positive Mindset I too have attracted my best life of freedom and joy – in my 50s!

My life is only just beginning and I am so excited about the future, that I am now on a mission to help other women to use the same techniques I did, to feel fabulously fulfilled after turning 40.

I can show you that there is more to the world to look forward to than menopause and an expanding midriff!

If this sounds like someone you want to be, we need to connect so that you can learn how to open your mind to new opportunities.

Contact me and together learn how to Love the Law of Attraction. It’s never too late!

On a mission to help others create a life of freedom and joy using the Law of Attraction