Maybe I Am crazy !!

I would like to earn money from writing and since starting my blog I have been contacted, liked and followed by people I thought liked my blog but naive me, just writing for happiness found that some of these people were offering me ‘possible’ business opportunities to make money on-line.

Maybe they are legit, maybe they are not?

Now I have found myself with an unexpected extended Christmas leave due to an illness starting on the 2nd of January and where able decided to utilize this extra time for projects personal to me however I underestimated how ill I actually was and barely able to move from my bed I was beginning to feel frustrated that I wasn’t able to maximise this time as planned and the plan was to read through the many emails I had been bombarded with from these potential business opportunities to see if they are viable.

Due to this amazing era we live in and something I Am very grateful for, I did/do have my iPad mini for company and sometimes listening to YouTube presentations was all I was able to manage to do.

During one of these something clicked in my head and reminded me that we should take ‘Inspired Action’ and it should feel effortless rather than ‘Action, Action’ which can be forced and just doing something mindlessly for action sake.

This has stuck with me over the last couple days as I have started to feel more human again and only do something when I feel it from the inside as authentic.

Last night I made a mini to do list and one of the things was to go through these emails but then I remembered I may be falling back into the ‘Action, Action’ trap again so changed my to ‘do list’ to meditate and follow any ‘Inspired Action’ that comes up.

Well  I still went into my emails but whilst filtering through them and feeling over-whelmed I had ‘Inspired Action’ to delete every single email in my inbox. Make a clean slate and trust that more ‘Inspired Action’ would arrive and lead me in the right direction I need to follow.


Maybe I Am crazy but it feels good.

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