A few months ago during reading a book (which slips my mind) the author started talking about people who by their attitude of mind over came the most horrendous situations where many others had perished and some via the most indescribable life experiences actually thrive and become stronger or are actually defined by it, giving them as Napoleon Hill calls it ‘a definiteness of purpose’.

I’d forgotten about this book until whilst getting ready for work and doing up my shoe laces up, I was listening to Nelson Mandela’s daughter talking about the film “Nelson: A long walk to freedom” due to be premièred that evening in London about the film and her father.

The presenters on the morning TV program asked how Mr Mandela was and commented that would it fair to say that you are not ready for him to go just yet and she agreed. Zindzi  did explain that at the end of the day her father was 95 and frail but did not allude to a very imminent passing.

At the weekend I was unusually and expectedly low and wondering was I deluding myself about the power of my thoughts creating my reality as I haven’t seen much evidence of late that it’s working and holding the Faith was becoming more and more difficult. Thankfully John Assaraf posted a very poignant quote on Facebook and via asking for higher guidance my instincts moved my attention to a Neville Goddard iBook I had not yet started to read “You Faith is your Fortune”. I Am loving it I don’t think I have ever highlighted a book so many times, it’s a multicoloured array of blobby paragraphs.

Listening to Zindzi reminded me of the book I mention above and how it describes what Nelson Mandela has gone through and what an amazing guiding inspiration he is to all of humanity. “My goodness” I thought to myself. What right do I have to feel sorry for myself and feel like giving up on my goal when my goals/dream are nothing compared to what this man not only aspired to but aspired to even more via atrocious circumstances that I shall never need endure and yet only showed dignity, generosity, comparison, peace and forgiveness to his perpetrators and all of man kind and all with an amazing humour and positively.

Get over yourself and get on with it I told myself because here is proof that you can and will achieve whatever it is you so desire because Nelson Mandela had a vision that was so huge it seemed impossible and as the man himself said :

photo (17)


And he is living proof of that you can achieve anything via the power of your imagination to become manifest.

I felt liberated and optimistic on my way to work and spilling out gratitudes Willy nilly because I felt grateful that I shall never have to endure what this great man did. My life seems gifted and privileged.

How ironic then that on a day that started so magnificently ended with me sitting in still numbness apart from the physical pain in my heart that felt like someone shot me in my heart the minute I heard the words that Nelson Mandela had passed away.

I have read that sometimes people hold off death because of a loved one so desperately wants that person to stay, they wait for them to be out of the room etc and here’s Nelson Mandala’s daughter who openly admitted that she was not ready for her father to go is here in England for the premier of the film of his life and he passes away whilst she and many, many others were actually watching the première.

The Universe surely does work in mysterious ways.

What warmed my heart the most was President Obama’s words “He has gone home”

Rest in peace Madiba

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