It’s all a matter of perception



Perception has been my buzz word this week.

Someone I know despite me trying to cheer them up and see the blessings in situations surprise surprise always has a new terrible tragedy to relay recently told of someone they knew who has had a life changing challenge to face literally over night and discussed their incredible attitude towards the situation. Despite it happening to the other person who was being proactive and has to live with the situation my friend was becoming emotional and upset at the thought of it happening to their friend and as they relaid what they had they said to their friend it was almost like they were trying to talk their friend round to their way of thinking and see it as something tragic instead of facing it in their positive manner like doing that was the most ridiculous thing possible.

This reminded me of who my  heroes are. My Hero’s are:

Viktor Frankl for despite being imprisoned in two of the most horrendous concentration camps in history Auschwitz and Dachau and losing his family in these camps chose to believe despite the most inhuman or painful a situation there was always meaning in it and in life.

Another Hero is Martine Wright who see’s losing her legs in 7/7 a blessing because without this happening she wouldn’t have been able to compete in the 2012 Olympics and I was also very inspired similarly by watching a TV program where a man whose name I do not have to hand but I have written about previously lost limbs in Afghanistan and found a love of cycling that he felt wouldn’t have happened without this experience and described only having one down day because there were other people in the same hospital who hand lost both arms and both legs so he felt blessed to only have lost his legs.

I have more Hero’s. Immaculee Ilibagiza who hid in a bathroom for three months to avoid being murdered during the Rwandan Holocaust of 1995. Louis Zamperini who defied the odds and survived on a raft beyond what was classed as humanly possible because he refused to believe the statistics and then when found was imprisoned in a Japanese prisoner of war camp but still held Faith and hope and created recipes and visualized the food he would cook on his release.

And Louise Hay is my first Hero who despite experiencing  dreadful abuse used it and brought peace to millions with her books helped me in so many ways and started Hay House at 60 which inspires me everyday, it is never to late.

I see quotes on Facebook etc by people like Wayne Dyer advising how to see the beauty in things and people actually comment that people like Wayne make it sounds so easy BUT comment how can they be positive because of this, this and this and none of it they state is stopping them from being grateful is anywhere near as terrible as what some of these situations the people above went through but yet they remain victims and concentrate on how terrible their life is ….. And guess what? as The Law of Attraction states what you focus on you attract so the “vicious” circle continues.

If my Hero’s can experience these, what most people would consider as nightmare situations and come out still being positive and loving there is nothing on earth, literally nothing we have to be sad about.

It is literally a choice to perceive it as good or bad and that’s a choice we can change in a heartbeat.



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