Internet or Universe ???

After visiting the Wayne Dyer Tribute in London last week I watched a video in my hotel room (now, now, naughty !! ) by Mike Dooley and in the video Mike explained how we need to let the Universe take care of the details and outcomes of something we want and gave a scenario of someone wanting a certain type of relationship and while they were on one continent there ideal mate was in Italy and if they knew this they may start to panic and think how will the delicious Bruno and I ever meet but that’s not our business.

Mike went to on explaining how the Universe may orchestrate Bruno and X meet and he said but no matter if Bruno never got on the plane to attend the event that they were destined to meet at because then the Universe will lineup Marco and another suitable mate and another and another until X finally meets their ideal mate.

On the radio tonight I heard the DJ say ‘It’s amazing the power of the Interent” and explained how the artist that we had just listened to uploaded 1 video to YouTube and someone from a recording company heard them and contacted them and offered them a recording contract.

Was it the power of the Internet? Or the power of the Universe orchestrating details to fulfil someone’s wish to be a recording artist.

Remember we are literally radio masts broadcasting messages at all times.

Decide what it is you want and let go and let the Universe live stream it to you.

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