I’m a coffee Revel and proud

Coffee revels

I have previously mentioned that I was in London recently. I was on a Training course which left me quite deflated afterwards. It made me feel that being me was wrong and that I should tame down my personality traits but that felt wrong and made me think ‘do I want to be in a job that is saying I need to compromise my personality?’

Then I wrote a post about being the girl on the right and something happened after that, that felt like something was saying ‘you shouldn’t be proud of your individuality, join the girls on the left’.

You can probably tell by ‘The secret of not being judged’ that I didn’t concern myself about it to long but when I listened to the video below it just confirmed all my beliefs.

You have probably heard that the Universe is sending us messages all the time to support us with what ever is going on. It could be the next person we meet, a book we hear about or …………… a video on YouTube !!

You’ll have to watch the video yourself but when I heard a particular piece at the end my initial thought was I am a ‘Coffee Revel’ and proud.

I know some of my followers are not from the UK but here we have some confectionery called Revels and it is often commented on how people hate getting the coffee ones but I love the coffee ones so here I go again with no intention at all being the girl on the right again and the video contained here within is telling me that is absolutely fine.

And if I was an ice cream I would be coffee and walnut yum yum.

What ice cream flavor are you ???

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