How Do You Get to Car

Hands up 🙌 New Week Honesty ‼️

I have a little Level 1 “Why Me?” victim mode going on the last couple days ~ oops 😳

Despite doing enough Personal Development that I knew this was flagging a limiting belief issue and that I needed to get my “Tool Kit” out and follow “Inspired Action” Steps to unravel the “Limiting Belief” it was trying to flag up …
It still needed a fair bit of work before I got the light bulb of why I was having these manifestation events.

Personal Development changed my Life many moons ago and I Am so “Grateful” for that yet only in the last year or so, did I truly understand that “Pain is our Friend” to alert us to a thought that is out alignment with our True Self and a reminder to find a better feeling thought or a signal that something we believe is not serving us, is limiting our potential and if we address it we will come back into alignment to a more beneficial existence.

So like a musician who wants to play at Carnegie Hall to manage these limiting beliefs that were blocking my full potential now I know the limiting belief I was harbouring I Am Practice, practice, practicing reaching for a better feeling thought to enhance my Manifesting power and attract “My” desired outcomes.

We all go through the 4 Levels of Consciousness but the more we stay out of level 1 and hang around in Level 2 and 3 and sometimes even 4 we are destined for a more blissful experience

The quickest way I feel to get out of level 1 is take Full “Responsibility” for our lives what ever they look like because ….

Then we have the power to change anything we don’t like into something truly desired


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