Have You Forgot Your Unicorn?

Somebody’s forgot their Unicorn was a sentence I heard come through my window this morning and it made me think…. 🦄

When I listen to peoples self talk and talk in general most people have forgotten their Unicorn’s and wonder why there is no sparkle ✨ in life

When most people start a conversation it’s all about their problems and then that sets of a pattern of conversations and it usually goes around and around and around but this merry go round is no fun 🎠

But this is no accident. This habit was set up to make us drift from our Unicorn filled lives 🦄

Don’t fall into this Devilish trap 😈

The key is simple ‼️

Learn to observe your language and your thoughts 💭

Learn to monitor your language and your thoughts 💭

Learn to change your language and your thoughts 💭

Learn to Master your language and your thoughts 💭

Over and over again until it becomes a Positive Hypnotic Rhythm of habit instead of a Negative Hypnotic Rhythm of habit 🎶

Because 🤔

No thought, word or feeling is wasted 🙇‍♀️

They are like prayers 🙏🏻

Of what is wanted and unwanted radiating out into the world to bring you back it’s equivalent and if the language is negative it will attract more negative 📣

Over and over and over again 😢

We are all powerful beings of light with the power to attract back Unicorns all day long 🦄 but that power is dangerous and devilish when not monitored 😈

Be the Master of Your Fate, the Captain of Your Own Soul as the Poem goes ⛵️

Namaste 🙏🏻

#unicorn #mindset #NapoleonHill

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