Happy Valentines List 14/02/2016 –


Bit of a twist on the Happy SongList today as it is valentines. I have listed my three favourite love songs that have some special meaning.

No 1. = Minnie Riperton – Lovin’ You


No 2. = Wonderwall – Oasis

This had just come out when my partner and I got together so if you can be bothered you can work out how long we have been together however it feels just like yesterday as the Universe brought me my perfect partner when I was more than ready to be single but accidentally ordered him when I decided to start loving myself and said to my mum in passing “If I am going to be in a relationship again it/he will have to blaa, blaa, blaa ………..” Perfect example of how powerful what we say and think is.

We were both quite shy, youngish (and burnt by love) so found it hard to share our feelings so he brought round his Oasis cassette (that’s how long ago it was) and lined up this song and asked me to press play after he popped out. I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now was his way of telling me he loved me. Altogether now ahhhh or urch. Your choice. Throwing it back to me and the fire in my heart is out were particularly poignant lines as he knew that I believed that at the time and I was not risking reigniting it so he was saying the ball is in your court now but the Universe stepped in and he later unwittingly said something that was a clear message that it was ok to trust this guy and the rest as they say is history …

No. 3 = Paul Weller – You Do Something to Me

Wether you are with the one you love, don’t care being single or haven’t found ‘The One’ yet, more than anything love yourself first and show the Universe you know you deserve the best and expect it.

Have a fantastic day and lots of Love from me.


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