Happy Song List 28/02/2016

I do have my Play Lists on shuffle but even on shuffle the Universe said it is Van Morrison day. It was a Van Morrison sandwich with another song in between but I decide to take the Universe’s lead and make it Van Morrison Day. Enjoy

No. 1 = Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Just love this song. It’s simple as that.

No. 2 = Van Morrison = Days Like This

It is a sandwich. A sponge sandwich and heres the cream and jam in the middle

No. 3 = Van Morrison – Bright Side of the Road


It may appear an odd happy memory but one rainy Saturday afternoon my daughters and I watched the film Micheal with John Travolta. We blubbed our eyes out but when the film ended and they played Van Morrison we were all happy again, so when ever I here this song it reminds me of that rainy afternoon and it makes me happy.

Happy Sunday Everyone 🙂

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