Happy Song List 27/02/2016

This is a little bit of a cheat today as it is not the first three songs that I heard this morning. It is the first things songs I heard when I got in my car yesterday evening during drive time but they certainly made me feel happy. I hope they elevate your energy equally.

No. 1 = Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove 

I just love the line “Glide like a 747” but I don’t why but who cares what makes us feel good is individual and we should actively seek it out as often as possible.

No. 2 = Irene Cara – Fame

Go on admit it. Who remembers ‘Fame’? Even if you haven’t got a clue pull on your metaphorical leg warmers and spin around the dance floor of life and say “I’m going to live forever” cos we all do you know.

No. 3 = The Muppets – Mahna Mahna

I know it’s silly but it reminds me of being a teenager when me and my best friend used to do an impression of this song and it makes me car dance every Friday evening when I hear it. Great way to start the weekend and on that note have a fab weekend.

Love you all 🙂


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