Happy Song List 21/02/2016

I am calling this the ‘Cream for my Soul List’ today. The last couple days my smart phone hasn’t been playing ball in the respects that when I flip up the doofer on the front screen it’s not playing from my Happy List but All music which is OK but doesn’t feel so authentic however one of the songs that came on made me feel all warm and fuzzy and them I thought not all Happy Music has to make you want to throw shapes, it can just be like having cream poured over you soul.

I don’t think these songs to relevance explained or my blaa, blaa, blaa added –


No. 1 = Marvin Gaye – Got to Give it UP

No. 2 = Alicia Keys – If I ain’t got You

No. 3 = Lionel Richie – Easy Like a Sunday Morning

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