Happy Song List 19/02/2016

Back to my buzzy self today. Feeling invincible after these buzzy Happy Songs. I defy you not to listen to these and not to do a fist pump to number one and a few shimmies to number two and three …… or was that just me. Also how cool are the name of the artists.

No. 1 =  Living Joy – Don’t Stop Moving 

The other day I wrote a post about the messages in the Matrix. I don’t know what you read Dear readers/followers but I read material that tells me the Universe is sending us messages all the time via music, books, films and overheard conversation etc etc. This is a doozy for giving the world a fist pump and say I won’t stop moving and I will fulfil my dreams because I can do anything with my mind, body and soul.

No. 2 = DeBarge – Rhythm of The Night

Forget about the worries on your mind, feel the rhythm and leave them all behind. Exercise and Dancing can raise your vibration and I can vouch for that after throwing some shapes to this baby.

No. 3 = The Miracles – Love Machine

I’m Living Joy and expecting Miracles today. I hope you are too.

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