Happy Song List 16/02/2016

There’s a little twist to todays list because that’s the way the Universe played it and how the Universe inspired me. Have an awesomely, fantabulous mind-blowing day. I know I will because I am set up now.

No. 1 = Everybody Dance Now – From Evan Almighty

When I was growing up Monty Python was banned from our house because my mum was religious and banned it because of the film ‘Life of Brian’ but I had heard of the Ministry of Silly walks. I have my own secret ministry of silly dances and when I saw the film Evan Almighty and saw  new commandment ‘Thou Shalt do the Dance’ I instantly had a thought. When I return to non-physical and if my loved ones so choose to have some kind of ceremony to send me off my daughters know the plan. Right at the end of the ceremony they have to play C+C Music Factory – Everybody Dance now. It is my wish that all present ‘Thou Shalt do the Dance’.

No. 2 = Now that We Found Love – Heavy D and the Wedding Dance scene from Hitch

Heavy D and of course The Boyz make it law to do the silly dance when I hear this song and it is now law that you also ‘Do the Dance’ when you hear it from this day forward.

No. 3 = Justin Bieber & James Corden’s Post Grammys Drive

I have loved James Corden since I first saw him in a series called ‘Fat Friends’ (2000 – 2005) and I have a very memorable morning after the night before with my best friend sat on the sofa sharing a blanket, bowls of Pom Bears in hand and she asked “Do you watch Gavin & Stacey?”. Several enjoyable hours passed as I caught up with series 1 and ‘A League of their Own’ is one of my favourite programs and I am just filled with more and more joy as I watch his career sore because James is  for me the epitome of how life should be. The more grateful and joyous your are. The more the Universe will give to be grateful and joyous about.

Today your mission if you choose to take it is …………. to find the joy and gratitude in everything that happens then let me know what you were joyous and grateful for.

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