Happy Song List 04/03/2016

A lot of my happy songs are energetic or with powerful lyrics or both and sometimes they are just cream on my soul. Today is a mixture of both

No. 1 = Style Council – Speak Like a Child

When ever I hear anything Style Council my whole body just goes- ahhhhhhh

No. 2 = Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

When I hear Stevie’s voice on the intro I get goosebumps

No. 3 = Hazel O Connor – Decadent Days

I was (still am) always attracted to the strangely weird and wonderful like Hazel O Connor and David Bowie (RIP). The Universe through a little LOA in after I heard this song because I forgot that I had it and it hadn’t played on shuffle and it mentally took me down a trip down memory lane and wondered what happened to Hazel and then shortly after I had a quick peek on social media and there was Hazel on Facebook coming to a venue near me.

Have an LOA spotting day 🙂

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