Happy Song List 01/03/2016

This is where I’ve realised how weird and eclectic my Happy List is. I won’t say any just see for yourself. Enjoy

No. 1 = Kirsty MacColl – In These Shoes?

1.26 minutes in is when I think I can Salsa 😉

No. 2 = Paul & Paula – Hey Paula

First heard this song song in the film “Animal House ” which I only watched once but where I fell in love with Donald Sutherland ahhhh !!!! Some think Kiefer has the ahhh factor but for me it is always Dad !! Love the discussion about atoms and the Universe.

No. 3 = D Train – You’re The One For Me

If you could eat music with a spoon I would lap this one up. Just listening to it takes away my every fear and transports me to another dimension called Boogie Wonderland

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