Happy Song List 13/02/2016 –

Today is a bit of chilled happy sandwich. When the first song came up it made it hard to get out of bed. I just wanted to wallow in the melody and then number two instigated some bed dancing (stop it) and then I was back to feeling chilled. I got up feeling I had been wrapped in a nice cosy happy blanket. Not a bad feeling to start a Saturday with.

The songs that came after were whoppers and I was thinking to myself I wish I could share these as well because I would love other people to be reminded that there are so many great tunes in our groovy world but they will probably be in the top three another day so here’s todays top Happy Music.

No. = Andy Williams = Impossible Dream


This is the second song I ever downloaded when songs became downloadable (number one is on my Happy List and probably will come up someday soon and they have something in common. I want them both played at my funeral). It just always inspires me to keep on keeping on when it has felt overwhelming. I have dreams and goals as hope we all do and I accept I might not achieve them all and I might not want to when my aspirations change but they will always be replaced with new ones and this song makes me feel that when I get to that day when I get to go home that my quest was to keep following that star …..


No.2 = Curtis Mayfield – Move on Up

I have sent this song to friends when they are having a tough time just because I think it is a great song and always helps me get back on track and remind me my dreams are my only scheme.


No 3. = Will Smith – Summertime

Not much to say about this (sorry Will) its just a groove to sooth the mood and makes me feel Happy and it’s my all time favourite summer song.

Have a great weekend and make sure you take some time to find something that sooth’s your mood.


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