Go Dad


I have been out of the blogging, Law of Attraction loop for quite a while now and knew it was time to dip my toe again.

I haven’t been down or in a bad place. Quite the contrary. I have been in a really good place. A new job and another holiday in my now beloved Crete visiting the Island Spinalonga whilst reading ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop  but now I am back and have finished the book on the plane back and I am ready.

I am ready for a new adventure, or ready to continue to achieve a desired adventure.

I love the work of Pam Grout and reading Pam’s blog always puts me back on track and in a really good place. A place that feels like home so this morning I dipped my toe.

I wasn’t sure how far back it was since I read her blog and I always feel I am missing out on something delicious if I don’t devour every entry so I googled her page and went back until I recognised something familiar. When I saw something unfamiliar I started reading but as it happened I had read it but a second read was just what I needed today.

There was a scenario of an exchange student entering a Hotel room for the first time with a radio left playing in the room by the maid. The student found the music not to their choice but not ever coming across a radio before didn’t know how to change the channel and what Pam was saying is that we usually stay on our channel when at any given second we can change it to another and another and another.

Recently visiting my parents my Dad told me how a relative whilst enquiring on mine and my sisters welfare made a derogatory comment and my Dad told me of his response.

My Dad told them that we were both well and both had new jobs and the relative replied in more detail than I am putting here “More new jobs?

I have blogged about how I was excited about a big change coming because I could feel it and dissatisfied with my job I listened to a Louise Hay YouTube audio I found on my commute to inspire me that I could find a new job and then a set of circumstances arose and it happened. Then my Mum told me that my sister who was unhappy in her job felt that her age was against her ever finding a new job and I told Mum to tell her please, please don’t believe that and not to give up trying and then a job literally fell in to her lap.

My Dad replied to our relative in his response to our new jobs that he was very proud of both of us. He said he knew of people who spent well over 30 years plus in jobs they hated and moaned every day about them but never had the courage to change them and he was proud that we acknowledged we weren’t happy and had enough self-respect for ourselves to get out there and find something better. Go Dad !!

And I feel this fitted in well with Pam’s Blog post we can either stay on the same channel or change it at any time for a myriad of other channels.

I have had people ask me what kind of music I like and surprised at my response because they pigeon-hole me because of the way I look but some days I like Rock and Roll, some days I am in the mood for classical, club or cheese – I like a lot of cheese, cheese makes me happy and car dance, chair dance and recently sun-bed dance.

Recently I changed my channel and changed my job and I like my job but I also like Channel hopping and seeing what new and exciting opportunities are out there because that’s who I am and I am proud I am a Channel hopper and now I know my Dad is proud I am a Channel hopper.

Are you a Channel Hopper or have you forgotten you have the ability to change Channels at any given second???

Much love !!!!!!

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