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OMG I love you All

To All the Followers of The Law of Attraction Lover

I have moved

Since becoming a qualifed Advanced Law of Attraction Practioner I have transferred by blog from to as I am building LOALover into a proper website instead of blog only as I have other projects besides blogging I am currently working on and I wish to be in control of my intellitual property

As is normal with such things there was and still is a couple teething problems. My host choice informed me a couple things couldn’t be transferred over in the migration and I was cool with that because I am working on my branding

I have blogged a couple times on my new platform and still getting to grips with things but I have noticed initally I could see all my Lovely Amazing Followers and now I can’t which made me think Hmmm !!!

Are you you still following my .com and not ?

The domain name is registered to me and has transferred so there is no pressure but I would love to see you over there and either way I love you All. I appreciate All your support and following of my Blog

I hope to keep inspiring you and I have exciting things coming up in the future and I would love to share them with you either on the website or social media

I have become aware there is another loalover out there on social media but I Am the original Law of Attraction Lover as my about section verify’s @theno1loalover on Facebook and to identify me there and on any social site my branding is blue and yellow

I hope to stay connected with you and veiwing all you incredible content

Have a wonderful Day

Ali #loalover

PS: I would love to know if you are still receiving notifications xxx

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