Excited about the Pow, pow, pow to come.



The other day whilst playing with my new toy, some basebuds I listened to a podcast on Hay House radio with Mike Dooley.

It was only a snap shot of an even longer cast but it still had some great content to relate to.

The final words were on the subject Understanding your Power,  Mike said when you understand you are an extension of God the truth will set you free, you become excited and optimistic. You realise there are no bad things that happen in time and space everything makes you more, everything was in alignment and what actually looks like a train wreck was actually a set up for the best of your life.

Now I am not normally a God person. I don’t partake in the old man with a white beard sitting saying that’s good, that’s bad, you’re right, you’re wrong, you’re in, you’re out philosophy.My God stands for ‘Good Orderly Design’ and is the energy that permeates everything, that is everything and in everything so is in us and that’s why I get what Mike Dooley is saying about the Power within us.

When you can’t see the abundance etc you think somethings wrong or you are doing something wrong, (yep done that many, many times) no  !! don’t draw conclusions with your physical senses, know that everything makes you more and in hindsight it will be clear.

5 years ago my life felt like a Train Wreck now I can see that everything was working out perfectly but at the time I was like ahhhhhhhhhhh    !!!!!!!!!!!

Mike said at a time in his life when he felt the rug was pulled from under him he still had his dreams and tried to do something every day to stay focused on his dreams whilst pulling together a Vision Board.

I was struck particularly by one of his 4 goals,  creative fulfilling work.

At the moment my work life is like a Train Wreck but unlike the uneducated me of 5 years ago I am not going ahhhhhhh !! any more.

Only this morning I was making up affirmations up about the gratitude I have for the amazing opportunities and abundance that have come my way like they have already arrived because at the same time there was this voice telling me, reminding me this is all part of the path, this ALL has a purpose and I am finally getting it now, not to get stressed or try to figure it out. It’s already done and the magic of the Universe will go pow, pow, pow and do something mind blowingly miraculous when I least expect it and I get that now, I trust that now. I can let it ALL go now in Faith and get excited about the mystery about it now instead of trying to make it work. The work is not my job staying positive and happy and in FAITH is my job.

I have manifested bottles of perfume to Audi A4 convertibles and MacBook Pro’s so far, why not every thing else on my vision-board and beyond. This is not a Train wreck, I am just changing lines.

Mike says – When we realise our power. We realise that life is beautiful, we are powerful. We are literally the eyes and the ears of God come alive in the dream of life. Inclined to succeed, pushed on to greatness every single day. Someone grounded in that truth becomes and unstoppable race horse.

Get excited about the Pow, pow, pow of life like I am and remember there is a solution to every problem.



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