Edges are fine

Edges feel scary

They can cause us to reverse

But edges are good ….

If …

We can see them for what they are …

Signs we are growing … Transforming

Every-time we grow we interact with the new and unknown and it can FEEL scary

Don’t be scared

It’s just a sign

A sign we have encountered a new edge

But remember my love …

We are infinite  beings with unlimited potential

Once we couldn’t walk talk ride a bike, drive a car, navigate a smartphone

These are just a few finite examples of the things we learned that were once an edge but if our intention is powerful enough our desires true and Passions full we can learn new skills and break through those edges and be inspired to expand passed the next and the next and  the next and create a life of Freedom and Joy on our Terms

Listen to Your Heart ❤️ everything you need to know is inside You

Ali xoxo


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