Easy peasy !!!


Today makes it all seem so simple !!

I re-listened to Oprah’s episode about ‘The Secret’ yesterday and two things stuck me 1) when you are in a crisis be grateful for it because we can be grateful for anything. Somewhere there is a gift inside. Say “Thank you for giving me this experience” Oprah added she usually asks “What is this experience trying to teach me”. This actually made being a difficult situation look like an adventure and 2) When Lisa Nichols told of a horrible situation she said she prayed that if God got her through her situation she would dedicate her life to serving. Oprah mentioned she has spent her life asking “How can I serve?”.

I used this today faced with difficult employed work situations along with being grateful as often as I can and reminding myself I am not alone and asking for guidance when faced with challenges and …………….

My day has gone effortlessly from that point forward.

It all feels effortless and simple and on the way home in my car feeling energised and grateful I instinctively felt grateful and asked “How can I serve?”

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