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  • Who is this person ?

    Last night I finished a book within hours of buying it for £ 0.77p on kindle app. The title caught my eye as I knew too many times I have let this be my downfall and thought if I can find a way to over come it ‘That would be helpful’ and for £0.77p … bargain. The book was by Vishwanath and […]

  • It’s all in the ‘K’

    The other day I read an article that struck me more than most things I read and has stayed with me ever since but today I could see how it related to me. It was the Law of Attraction magazine Fall 2013 edition ‘Editors letter’. The editor explains they made a typo and instead of […]

  • Happiness Is?

    Recently I was thinking about something that reminded me of the quote “it’s nice to be important buts it more important to be nice” then later as I was mooching through Facebook I saw a picture posted by John Assaraf which is another one of my favourite quotes Further down  the news feed I saw a story true or fictional I […]

  • Blogging in my head

    I’m blogging in my head as I Am going about my daily duties. Much like when I first found the phenomenon that is Facebook where my head kept making up status updates. As I see things or think things that I would normally just journal about I Am now thinking I’ll blog about this. Whilst driving for […]

  • Fruit Loop

    Popping out for a meal I spotted a dandelion by our front door, inspired I picked it and blew the seeds and made a wish. A childish tradition that I don’t know if it translates to other countries but I liked this lightness about me. I read an amazing story on Facebook recently about and 83 year […]

  • WordPress

    The ‘Thing’ most of the authors I follow use had been niggling away and the back of mind. What is that thing, what’s it called that they use to blog with that seems the chosen thing of choice. Nice choice of words, very eloquent. Just prior to getting up to go to London my instincts said […]

  • Why Am I writing this like it’s going to be published?

    I have been journalling secretly for as long as I can remember and writing brings my greatest bliss, even over me producing visual art and would love to do it as a living full time and be self-employed but have never told a soul so basically blog to myself. I Am currently on annual leave and was […]

  • WordPress Blog day 1: Thought the words dried up.

    Following feeling inspired yesterday to research Wordpress as it was niggling at me. I did, I made an account and then I ….. I went blank. Mrs document the slightest little thing knickers, went blank and couldn’t find a thing to write about. Mind you I am obviously not so tech-no geeky as I thought I was and it […]

  • I Am attached t…

    I Am attached to nothing, open to everything, grateful for it all.