Blogging in my head

I’m blogging in my head as I Am going about my daily duties. Much like when I first found the phenomenon that is Facebook where my head kept

making up status updates.

As I see things or think things that I would normally just journal about I Am now thinking I’ll blog about this.

Whilst driving for a Sunday afternoon stroll and combined shopping trip I spotted a cat blissfully stood in a window basking in the late September sun that actually looked like it was smiling. I also noticed a gorgeous horse rolling around in a field with all the joy of a young colt and I thought fare play to the lady who I heard on the car stereo who is starting a college course on teaching people how to be happy – explaining to focus on previous happy memories or purposefully finding things to be grateful for in everyday life on normal mundane days and squeeze every last drop out of the experience. The ethos of Ali P Positive Art. One of today’s little joys spotted out of the corner of my eye. I love that mobile phones are cameras as well.

photo (6)

The intention of my blog was to highlight personal observations of ‘The Law of Attraction’ in action but thought recently that I haven’t actually noticed many, then I remember the the quote ‘It’s Nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice’ and only a very short time later I read the exact same comment in a Facebook post.

Then in a book I kept seeing the word Evolve mentioned over and over again and it struck me, hmmm that’s the new name of my gym and then the very next paragraph gives and analogy and uses the example of working out on the machines in a gym.

Whilst eating out I did my usual Wallace grin from Wallace and Gromit to ask for my teeth to be checked for bits of food and the other half gives me a strange look. “What? what is it? have I got lots of bits?” “No” he replied “I Am just looking where teeth should be”. Now I Am not some toothless monster but for a very long time I was undiagnosed with being born with a defect that meant I couldn’t breath through my nose and therefore breathed straight in threw my mouth which led to much tooth decay as the hairs in your nose are meant to catch much of the air-born bacteria that leads to some forms of tooth decay apparently so I have had quite a lot of work done and have gaps inside my mouth from bad dentistry and then fear of bad dentistry. His comment did hit a nerve “boom boom” and I wondered how could I find out who was a good dentist locally? The next morning there is a TV subject about the amounts of complaints about bad dentistry and then a colleague comes in to the office who is having to leave early for a dentist appointment and whilst portraying horrendous previous experiences explains how they have found a fantastic dentist now. So I quickly ask and write down the surgery name. “OK Universal Law you can stop showing off now, I get it, you are there, you are listening”

“Always !!”

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