Beware of False Guru’s

So I have been thinking about expressing my feelings on this subject for along time and honestly because the people whose advice turned my stomach were far more successful and wealthier than me (or are they) imposter syndrome struck and I thought who would listen to me over them? So I ignored the callings of my heart over and over again until eventually and unfortunately what I felt intuitively came to pass and is actually still coming to pass even today so I cannot hold it in any longer.

I was Shocked by The author of one of my favourite books admitting how they have had felt in their new book

Their book I mentioned I have referred to multiple times when I have felt out of alignment and in their “New book” I learned in their own words that at the time of writing what I felt a work of spiritual genius for me, they were calling themselves a piece of shit and there was a lot of self loathing

I know millions of people love this person and are one of the most profound Spiritual Gurus of our times

Who knew while we followed their wisdom inside they had so much disregard for themselves

I also became aware of one of my Own mentors who had prescribed a certain method of working who I actually had resonated away from slightly because of their methodology was now completely going through a turnabout and promoting a different perspective after life threw them massive health issue curveballs

Then someone else who I was actually familiar with and actually deeply concerned about and the message they were spreading. I saw a post about I think honestly I suspected would come but here was the evidence I hoped not to see of a diagnosis of a serious illness

And so it goes on

Someone else I know of who promoted a work ethic, business building methodology I could no longer resonate to only recently has posted admitting their method got them rich in money but poor in time and then followed up by another post admitting to multiple health issues and how they regret being so busy they ignored the signs

I could actually go on but these examples are enough to express the motivation for this content

All of these people are very successful and wealthy. I say again but are they?

I resonated away from their hard work ethic and the reason why …..

Because intuitively I uncomfortable around their suggested work practices

It didn’t allow for fun. Relaxation and quality time with loved ones etc

Ok your bank accounts maybe full with millions but at what cost?

If it were all to end tomorrow what memories had they made

Because of this I changed my work practices. Which in turn took away a lot of guilt

I decided whenever my partner was around I downed tools on building my business and focused on us and shared activities even if that was snuggling up and watching a series on Netflix which in some areas with certain members of the areas I discussed above was a huge no, no.

Even having a TV was a swear word if you wanted to have a successful business and forget time with loved ones. Just explain that if they want you to be successful and wealthy and enjoy the trappings of wealth they have to sacrifice time with you now for enjoyment later were their cries but what if.

What If you suddenly or someone you love suddenly gets struck down by a severe illness or God forbid a bus what do you want them to remember you for ….

18 hour days 7 days a week or that box set you shared and discussed about afterwards and the time you were cuddled up watching it and the memory of when they gently kissed you on the forehead out of nowhere for no particular reason or the  Santorini sunset you shared together ?

All actual experiences I have had plus many more and my relationship is stronger for it and it continues to grow with even more shared memory making experiences however I haven’t given up on my business goals and dreams

I am just going through a transition of my personal journey of how I create that business in the most joyful, blissful way possible and set an example of how others can achieve the same from expressing their gifts

Wealth is not just money in the bank because your wealth bank can be running on empty if the physical bank accounts are full but your emotional bank accounts are empty of beautiful experiences, memories and bankrupt of fulfilling relationships

I have to admit Because these people were very successful with very full physical bank accounts I thought I should follow their advice but gradually I kept hitting roadblocks and feel ever increasing discomfort physically every time I tried to follow their advice

What changed ….

I started to listen to and trust my true feelings which was to step away from their advice

I went inside to ensure I didn’t go without but I, in all honestly felt no one would listen to my methodology due to the lack of evidence of my own success

But it is interesting to see now and also concerning to see how many people followed their methodologies to the extent of sacrifice only for their (my previous) gurus to suddenly have a change of Faith and what changed their belief systems ?

In most cases …. Serious health issues

I am not grateful they had to go through such serious trauma to get their awakening but I am grateful that they are now realigning to a more healthy, fulfilling way of operating that fills all their bank accounts. Spiritual, Emotional and Physical

I would rather align with my Heart first and then follow Divine Guidance of how to express myself most authentically in Faith that the Highest Version of me that is calling to me and I, will shake hands in the near future one beautiful soul experience at a time along the journey

One of the people whose advised practices really turned my stomach but had so many ardent fans who has gone through and is still recovering from serious illness who is thankfully taking some time to use holistic methods to heal admitted that through one of those practices came to see that the reason they worked such longer hours and inadvertently advocated that method so virulently was because after experiencing childhood poverty deep down regardless of how wealthy they were was scared if they stopped working they would run out of money

I have to say I deeply admired they admitted this publicly but as I mentioned I have been feeling this for a long time and started compiling this blog post a long time ago and I ignored my intuition that eventually proved right and my intuition is telling me by their current posts they are still not healed from this negative belief and I am concerned that illness will return because there is a pattern there that is subconsciously using their current situation to use their old vehicle of attracting business and making money 

That’s why I say beware of false gurus

I have to say at this point I do not blame any of these people

They had no idea what they were doing

They had no idea what was motivating them


Because their work and business methods yielded such positive results and they deeply care for people and wanted them to experience wealth and success to they understandably stood loud and proud and said “Follow Me, Do This. This Works. This Will Help You” because bottom line they are deeply compassionate caring people to the detriment to their own health and needs

False Gurus is a massive statement to make but what I mean by False Gurus is genuine people, believing in what they are selling but to the detriment to their Health and Wellbeing and the Health and Wellbeing of others because they don’t know what is truly motivating them until they probably have to face a dark night of the soul because they have been far to busy working  they haven’t given themselves time to listen to the callings of their hearts so they are selling one message on the outside but on the inside the message could be completely different which they are most likely drowning out with activity

As I mentioned above I have literally read in the last 24 hours of writing this someone admit they have ignored signals from their body because they were to busy working (and telling multiple people to work this same way) and they are now facing multiple health issues and are imploring people to not ignore the signs

When we are out of Alignment with our true source we are sending cortisol around our bodies and leaving ourselves open to stress related illnesses and all sorts of ailments. In actuality aliments are nature’s alarm system to warns us we are out of balance with our true selves. Fear is also an alarm system but instead of asking ourselves what is it trying to tell us we block it out with Drink, Alcohol, Cigarettes …. work !!

I have a vision myself of a business method I truly want to build but I decided to stop and stop worrying basically about the how and come off the Level 2, Level of Consciousness “By Me” and listen to my Heart and follow one Inspired Action step after one Inspired Action step after another and surrender to the outcome and forget timelines and deadlines and walk in Faith of the yet unseen becoming physical

If this article Inspires You to do anything I hope it is Stop !! Take a breath and listen to Your Soul Speaking to You

See where you have been ignoring it

Give it an opportunity to Say something

Give yourself permission “Not” to take “Any” action

Give Yourself “Time” to recalibrate and realign and listen again

I am learning more and more that our Hearts are the Seat of Our Soul and that  “WE ALL” have a gift to share with the world and to access that gift lay’s within.

Within our Heart

Our Hearts will never lie to us when we give it space to speak

As a recently certified Advanced Ho’Oponopono Practitioner I really enjoyed about learning the process of  Dr Joe Vitale that does speak to my heart

  • Inspiration
  • Intention
  • Clearing
  • Trust it to unfold

Before taking any action do something to allow pure Inspiration to come through. Meditate, walk, music. Something joyful to raise your vibration and get to what is called in Ho’Oponopono Zero.

The place of nothingness. No thought. Pure potentiality and where we were before we allowed other people’s opinions, experiences and beliefs to cloud our vision.

In this place of high vibration we are open to Inspiration

When a thought drops in. An inspired idea set the Intention for it to manifest.

Do some kind of clearing. It could be breath work or repeating the Ho,Oponopono Prayer “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”

Take any inspired actions that come to mind. Call that friend, visit that place etc and then trust it to unfold

Rinse repeat

When I say rinse repeat I mean it on two levels

Rinse repeat taking some regular time, every day if possible but don’t berate yourself if you miss a day. We all get those unforeseen’s. Even for a few seconds to take, for example some slow deep breaths and then see if any ideas or action steps come to mind or even ask your Heart “What will do have me do?” and follow Guidance. Even if nothing comes it is always beneficial to start making time to just “Stop”. The more you “Stop” the more Your heart has opportunities to come to You.


Rinse repeat taking time to have a date with your Soul or Your Ultimate self. Those desires of your heart are your soul calling to you come over here because Your Ultimate self is already there, living that life you desire otherwise you wouldn’t feel them. They just wouldn’t resonate with You. Sitting quietly taking some slow breaths through the nose. Holding for a few seconds and then releasing with your mouth open, dropping the jaw as you exhale can connect back into your Heart and then allow the Vision of Your Hearts to Desire to Manifest on Your Mental Screen

The more you date Your Ultimate Self You will eventually ….

Live the life You truly desire. Not the life of some False Guru self who doesn’t know they are living and acting out of Fear instead of Faith !!

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