Be Crazy Happy



I love Pam Grout and today Pam has posted a great new blog on happiness.

Just after I read it I look up at my TV screen and see an older gentleman dressed in a Union Jack suit being interviewed in London.

I thought how long have I been reading because the last time I looked it was our local news.

I am no longer a news person as I create my own reality and don’t want it tarnished with the National doom and gloom daily, read all about how horrible we all are and the world is but I do like a dip in to what’s happening near me.

The man Terry Hutt is in fact local to me but has travelled to London for the immanent birth of our 4th in line to the thrown.

Terry said with joy in his voice that 2 years ago he slept rough for 12 days to see Prince George and he said if he has to wait and sleep rough for another 12 days for 2 or 3 minutes to see the new baby it will be worth it.

Terry is hoping that the birth of the baby will be on the 30th of April as that is his 80th birthday. I too hope it will be on this day to heighten Terry’s joy even more because to me Terry is a legend.

He’s following his bliss and doing what makes him feel happy regardless if others think him crazy.

Maybe we should all take a leaf out of Terry’s book and do what makes us crazily happy !!!

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