Are You Listening To The Whispering of Your Soul

Happy Monday !! Question is are you going to waste this one? This Week? This Year? 

Are you just going to drift? Or are you going to listen to the whisper of your soul and create an impact? 

After a weekend of celebrations and one where my level of tolerance for bull sxxt hit capacity I Am grateful for it all because I trust that everything is happening for a reason (even the unpleasant things) to keep calling us forward towards the true desires of our souls and help us avoid drifting 

What do I mean by drifting (from a self confessed drifter) 

I followed Inspired Guidance the other day and used my audible credit to get the audio version of “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill 

Probably the best book I have ever read and impacted me the most but ironically I stopped reading it despite promising myself I wouldn’t and stopped following the advice and started drifting and allowed myself to act from fear instead of Faith, subconsciously I may add but that’s the devils plan and it takes effort to retrain our brains away from the Devils work 

It’s unsure if Hill believed he was having a actual conversation with a/the Devil or using the term Devil as a euphemism for the unpleasant truth of our destructive practices that take us away from Joy and Abundance and our natural state 

Procrastinating, alcohol, cigarettes, food, inconsiderate people and behaviours that cause frustration and now social media etc are all addicted behaviours that can distract us dull our senses and cause us to drift away from conscious thought and therefore conscious creation

Conscious thinking is the greatest adversary to the Devil 👿 

I have up levelled my level of tolerance aka up scales my standards of what I believe I deserve and will no longer tolerate 


I am using Ho’OPonoPono and now combining that with EFT to focus my attention on my conscious thoughts and desires rather than being distracted by the Devil and drift 

You may or may not know I became a Certified Advanced Ho’OPonoPono Practitioner in April and now I am training to add EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy/Technique) to this practice as I feel intuitively they are very aligned 

My wish for you on this Monday is that these words may inspire you to ask “I Am drifting? And what is my soul whispering to me to do be and have” 

Namaste 🙏🏻 

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