Approval Not required


I saw this picture on Facebook asking for people to make a comment.

I loved my internal instinctive response.

“I don’t care what people thought”

How liberating is that?

I have to admit I haven’t always felt that way and contribute my response to my love of the Law of Attraction and desire to always learn and self expand otherwise I may have jumped in there and subjected myself to the self-torture.

Talking of self-torture, I cannot be alone can I? In my lack of interest in TV Programs like Master Chef and the Great British Bake off to name a few can I?

You may not be familiar with Bake off but Master Chef is pretty well spread (pardon the pun) I believe because even in passing I am aware there is a Australian and American version.

Why I cannot partake in this viewing frenzy is because it would be painful for me to watch people cook or bake or paint or draw or sew or a plethora of other tasks and see them stand there agonising while they await the approval (or non-approval) from another human being (not God) to tell them if their efforts are good enough.

Why traumatise your self for another persons opinion? And that is all it is an opinion or more to the point. A perception.

While one person may think their cake is the best thing they have ever tasted since sliced bread the other doesn’t like it because they are not a fan of oranges,

All day every day we are perceiving things we see, hear, touch or taste and there could be a hundred different people hearing or seeing the same thing and have a hundred different perceptions so why do we seek approval? Or more importantly why should we?

Everything we do should be an inside out job not an outside in.

I know there are many, many, many more sad situations in the world than this one but one of the saddest things I every saw was when I watched a program about an Art Gallery here in the UK. Now I love all things Art so I tuned in and the program was about submitting Art to the Royal Academy Summer show and it featured a few people and followed their journey as they prepared and submitted their works and awaited the email/letter that spelt joy or pain.

One man to my perception produced beautiful work and had submitted year after year without success and until the Academia’s approved his submission he could not or would not see himself as an actual artist. To me that was heart breaking. What a waste of potential or possibilities.

Now I originally started this post last week when the beautiful Dr Wayne W. Dyer was still alive and I actually was inspired to start this WordPress account and my blog whilst reading one of Wayne’s incredible books on a coach back from London after being in Tate Britain all day and viewing J. M. W Turner’s paintings who is and is classed as, one of the worlds best artists and was once laughed at and ridiculed when his work was first displayed in the RA and it was reading in this book about how Wayne was handed a book by his uncle just before he went into the army and Wayne learnt about the life of Ivan Ilyich who on his death-bed asked his wife (who he spent his life despising and resenting) “What if my whole life has been wrong?”

In that same book Wayne said “don’t die with your music still in you” and that was he clincher. I had been writing practically daily but to scared to put it out there in the world for fear of reprisal and ridicule but after reading that I didn’t want to be an Ivan either.

So please in honour of the gorgeous soul that is Wayne Dyer don’t worry what any one else thinks and don’t die with your music still in you.

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