The universe cracks me up

I love David Strickel’s work and the podcast The Stream of David which can also be accessed via The Law of Attraction Radio.

I recently listened to an amazing podcast where The Stream had a Roundtable with Gary Bodley and I took loads of notes.

I am not discrediting ‘The Secret’ because that book gave me my “ah ha” moment and a name to this thing I had been observing in my life for so long “The Law of Attraction” and gave me the impetuous to not just keep reading Personal Development books but put the information in to action but for some, I think they thought they would practice focused thought and everything would magically appear and everything would be happy ever after but what The Stream explains that there is always going to be polarity and contrast and that is normal.

I have to admit I don’t feel comfortable with polarity when it happens but I do like the analogy David/The Stream uses of a a Spiral and being up and down the Spiral and when we are in negative thought we are down the Spiral DTS and the most important thing is to be up the spiral UTS and it is my priority each morning to get in a UTS state however

The last week in particular I have been up and down so much it has made me dizzy. Do practices to take me up, something happens and I come crashing down. Work on my energy – up I go. Boom out of the blue – down I go. All this is exhausting and I have been more down than up but the Roundtable post I mentioned said we should appreciate the downs because they are highlighting areas we still need to work on and I wrote down 3 and put them in red circles.

Yesterday am I had a inspired action to message someone who I knew would help but I ignored it.

Early in life I made a decision to be a problem solver and not bother people

This Dear Friend does a Live on Mindset twice a week and I was on my laptop just before one of their Lives when a message unexpectedly popped up and in our brief conversation they asked if I had any topic ideas they would like me to discuss?

This never happens and I quickly tapped out “Ahh !!” not expecting the question and knowing they were about to go live. “I do but don’t know how to word it.

They said voice note it and I did.

I sent them a longer more detailed message following up and thanking them for the Live and they sent a beautiful encouraging voice note with some helpful advice

This morning when something negative happened in one of the 3 areas encouraged by my friends advice I approached it with Love and stayed Up The Spiral and shortly after whilst carrying out some mundane chores I had a thought and said to myself “that’s it I am committed to ….. “

I won’t write I committed to because that’s personal but the bit that cracked me up happened shortly after.

Yesterday morning even before my commitment and speaking to my friend I acknowledged I was trying to hard to fix everything and I would surrender and trust everything is working out and then despite ignoring my thought to message my friend I receive her message and her subsequent advise and support which I believe ignited my commitment thought this morning unusually circumstances mean’t I drove to my shop, which doesn’t normally happen and the audiobook I am currently listening to connects to the car stereo and the above quite came through the stereo

Acknowledging the coincidence I continue listening to the book in the shop and decided to find a picture version of the quote online as a reminder of my commitment and felt inspiration to find a card and write and date my commitment on it and place it an envelope and put it in the back pocket in my Passion Planner.

I look at the envelope and feel it looks a bit blank and needs decorating because of the significance of it’s contents and I as I pull open the pocket a Passion Planner sticker falls out that I didn’t know was there and I think. That will do what does it say?

“Just Start”

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