Month: March 2016

  • Happy Song just because

    I haven’t posted recently because I have been flat out investing in myself and using every spare moment. I am currently employed but retraining to gain a skill and qualification to enable me to do something in a self-employed capacity and this is only a facilitation to the next step. As long as I am […]

  • Happy Song List whenever

    My WordPress appears to be having a ‘Brain Fart’ Sorry heard that analogy recently and it tickled my sense for humor 🙂 I nearly didn’t do a happy song list today due to what I have just mentioned as my WordPress appears to be publishing some of my lists on random days that don’t relate […]

  • Happy Song List 06/03/2016

    Good No.1 song to start the day with but not a wanna jump out of bed song. Just wanna wallow song. No.2 soon stopped that and No. 3 awesome !!!! No. 1 = Crowded House – Don’t Dream it’s Over However much it seems that your goals are never going to fulfilled ‘Don’t Dream it’s […]

  • The Universe Loves me

      The other day I wrote about being reminded to look out for the gifts as we rush around. This is what I spotted on the ground as I went to enter a building. You may think this is just a rubber band but to me I saw a love heart. A message from the […]

  • Deflect Negativity Like Neo

  • Happy Song List 04/03/2016

    A lot of my happy songs are energetic or with powerful lyrics or both and sometimes they are just cream on my soul. Today is a mixture of both No. 1 = Style Council – Speak Like a Child When ever I hear anything Style Council my whole body just goes- ahhhhhhh No. 2 = […]

  • Happy Song List 03/03/2016

    Hope you enjoy and shake a tail feather to todays three Happy Songs 🙂 No. 1 = The Supremes – The Happening It Happened to me and it can Happen to you. Realise that life is full of miracles and we attract it all to ourselves through the right guided thinking. No. 2 = […]

  • Dancing in the Street Dancing in the Street. Well not quite. As I mentioned previously I haven’t become that brave yet but I was laughing in the street today. I listen to motivational material on my commute and the last two days I have listened to Les Brown. Not much else makes me spontaneously smile like Les Brown’s […]

  • Dancing with the Stars…and the moon and the people in coffee shop lines

    As promised !!!

  • Happy Song List 02/03/2016

    I dare you “not” to shimmy to these beauties 🙂 I am not as daring as Pam Grout to erupt into spontaneous dance in public places yet (apart from my car in full view of other drivers) but I do totally agree with the gorgeous Pam about the benefits of dance and the ability it […]