Month: February 2016

  • Happy Song List 28/02/2016

    I do have my Play Lists on shuffle but even on shuffle the Universe said it is Van Morrison day. It was a Van Morrison sandwich with another song in between but I decide to take the Universe’s lead and make it Van Morrison Day. Enjoy No. 1 = Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl […]

  • Happy Song List 26/02/2016

    Let’s go old skool Here’s one to shake your melon’s to. If you brought them of course 😉 Have an amazingly high vibrational day. No. 1 = The Contours – Do You Love Me? I won’t say anything else. I think I said enough above. No. 2 = The Temptations – Get Ready Go […]

  • Happy Song List 25/02/2016

    I think my phone has linked in to my ‘Club Play List’ (that I haven’t actually made but is a good idea) judging by the tracks that came out today but who cares. Enjoy No. 1 = Rihanna – Pon de Replay This song always rises my vibration and makes me instantly think of one […]

  • The Apprentice Sorcerer

    Last year I was meant to go to a Wayne Dyer event in London but sadly Wayne died 1 month and 1 day before. At first the event was cancelled however shortly after Hay House sent an email saying that it was being turned in to a tribute evening and that attendees would receive books […]

  • Happy Song List 24/02/2016

    Today’s 3 Happy Songs to brighten your day 🙂 No. 1 = Robin S – Show Me Love Just my best Happy Song ever, ever, ever, ever !!!!!! (ever, ever, ever) No. 2 = Tinie Tempah (feat Jess Glynne) – Not Letting Go This was summer song last year and brings back amazing memories and […]

  • Happy Song List 23/02/2016

    Today’s tunes have a laid back all is fine vibe. Enjoy. No. 1 = The Supremes – Automatically Sunshine This song is automatic sunshine No. 2 = Jem – Just a Ride Last week I had some bad news and I challenged my thinking but then that news lead me to investigate an opportunity I […]

  • Happy Song List 05/03/2016

    Good No.1 song to start the day with but not a wanna jump out of bed song. Just wanna wallow song. No.2 soon stopped that and No. 3 awesome !!!! No. 1 = Crowded House – Don’t Dream it’s Over However much it seems that your goals are never going to fulfilled ‘Don’t Dream it’s […]

  • Happy Song List 22/02/2016

    Happy Play List seems to playing ball and back on track. Hope you enjoy todays first 3 …… No. 1 = Jem – Finally Woken I will get of the Cream for Your soul subject I promise but I can’t help what comes out but this song always makes me feel amazing. It also has […]

  • Happy Song List 21/02/2016

    I am calling this the ‘Cream for my Soul List’ today. The last couple days my smart phone hasn’t been playing ball in the respects that when I flip up the doofer on the front screen it’s not playing from my Happy List but All music which is OK but doesn’t feel so authentic however […]

  • Thank You to the Likers

      My blog started out as writing about my observations of The Law of Attraction at work in my life. The other day I wrote about watching the Matrix and how Morpheus tells Neo that most people aren’t ready to be unplugged and then last night I saw this on social media. Yesterday morning I […]