Nothing, Something to Everything

conor quote


“I am still learning” –  by Michelangelo at aged 87

I love quotes and the one above is one of my favourites and today learnt a bit more.

I have always loved Audi R8’s. Well that is not entirely true I loved Audi A4 convertibles until I set my eyes on an R8.

Last night my partner and I were watching the 3rd in a film franchise and a character was driving an R8. And I mumbled “They always fall on their feet, why don’t I drive an R8?” my partner fair play to him, I couldn’t dispute his reply “Well with all your positive thinking if it attracts things, stuff, if it works you should be driving it by now” – touche.

My first thought was ouch followed by just because it isn’t on the drive yet doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna be in the future but later in the day Conor McGregor taught me why the R8 Spyder is probably not on my drive ‘yet’

Sometimes we can hear something several times and not get it, sometimes we do get it but we forget it and need reminding. Conor reminded me how detrimental the word “WANT” can be. So detrimental I underlined it, bolded it and exclaimed it.

Don’t want something, Have it. Have it in your mind before you have it on your drive or anywhere else.

In 2003 I was working in a factory and reading a book by Paul McKenna, ‘Change your Life in 7 days’  in my breaks. The people I was working with, if I am totally honest took the piss out of me relentlessly whilst I held that book and I moved rooms away from that environment and long before I knew about the Law of Attraction or read that we become the sum of the 5% of people you surround yourself with if you don’t consciously do something to change it I knew I didn’t want to work there any more and thought about a job I would like to do and of course once I made that decision the Universe conspired before I knew the Universe conspires to help us and because I didn’t know the Universe conspires to help you – ‘ALWAYS’ I thought small and a set of circumstances came about that created a job in the exact type of industry I wished to be in and while I was in that factory and reading that book I read if you wanted something for example a car you visualise yourself driving that car, even if you are sitting in an arm chair at the time. Go to a dealer, sit in it, get a brochure and I did all that and it might have taken a longer than it should have because I didn’t monitor my thoughts as well as I should have but I am driving that Audi A4 convertible today as she is beauuuuuuttifulllllllll !!!

As we approach 2016. I don’t want anything, have everything like Conor does and he is living proof it works.

2016 our best year yet. I am so ecstatic about the amazing lives your have created for yourselves – enjoy every juicy second of it !!!

I’ll give you a wave from my R8 Spyder as I drive by

Mystic Mack

I blogged the first video several months ago when I accidentally clicked on it and it was the first thing that came to mind yesterday morning when I learnt the outcome of the Conor McGregor fight.

Love or hate MMA, love or hate Conor McGregor but you can’t dispute he believed in and used The Law of Attraction and Visualization to the max.

During Saturday on the run up to the fight my partner and I were discussing it and my partner wasn’t so sure about the outcome where I had no doubt Conor would win because I had seen the video above and tried to explain to my partner in Conor’s mind he has already fought the fight and it is a done deal, even down to the details.

During Sunday my partner spent all day playing programs and saying things like “Did you here that?” and playing back snippets where Conor was recorded in 2008 stating his intentions or just prior to the fight predicting how and when he was going to defeat his opponent.

Eventually I had to play him the video above and say “See this is why I knew Conor would win”.

It was my intention to blog about the fight at my first opportunity to evidence the power of The Law of Attraction however one of the sites I follow on Facebook has beaten me to it  “Educate Inspire Change” has posted the link below but I have also attached the video they have in their link of Conor being interviewed after the fight.

MMA Champ Is Asked How He Predicted His Victory So Accurately.His Response Blew Me Away.

Like I said love or hate you cannot dispute the power of The Law of Attraction and Visualization.

Now you have seen what Conor McGregor achieved with it.

How are you going to use it in your life?

How are you going to make 2016 the best year you have ever had?

I’m a coffee Revel and proud

Coffee revels

I have previously mentioned that I was in London recently. I was on a Training course which left me quite deflated afterwards. It made me feel that being me was wrong and that I should tame down my personality traits but that felt wrong and made me think ‘do I want to be in a job that is saying I need to compromise my personality?’

Then I wrote a post about being the girl on the right and something happened after that, that felt like something was saying ‘you shouldn’t be proud of your individuality, join the girls on the left’.

You can probably tell by ‘The secret of not being judged’ that I didn’t concern myself about it to long but when I listened to the video below it just confirmed all my beliefs.

You have probably heard that the Universe is sending us messages all the time to support us with what ever is going on. It could be the next person we meet, a book we hear about or …………… a video on YouTube !!

You’ll have to watch the video yourself but when I heard a particular piece at the end my initial thought was I am a ‘Coffee Revel’ and proud.

I know some of my followers are not from the UK but here we have some confectionery called Revels and it is often commented on how people hate getting the coffee ones but I love the coffee ones so here I go again with no intention at all being the girl on the right again and the video contained here within is telling me that is absolutely fine.

And if I was an ice cream I would be coffee and walnut yum yum.

What ice cream flavor are you ???

The secret of not being judged



“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there is still going to be somebody who hates peaches”

Dita Von Teese

I’m a little bit older and a lot more bolder. I have had so many things manifest for me since really getting the ‘Law of Attraction’ light bulb finally switch on and I am very grateful for each and everyone one of them but recently I have been thinking ‘right enough is enough’ to myself. Stop pussy footing around.

I know deep down what my ideal life and day would look like and on one level I know it’s done ‘Ask and it is Given’ and on the other hand knowing can turn into hoping and hope is a lack of Faith.

I have read several times by several different authors so I am not going to give recognition to one and not another when I am not 100% of its origin but I heard it is just as easy to manifest a million dollars as it is to manifest a penny but the trouble is we don’t put so much importance on a penny as we do a million dollars and we think manifesting a million dollars is hard so we put more weight and doubt on the probability that we do on a penny and then the penny pops up.

This weekend I planned to take my daughter out to lunch and briefly I imagined where I would take her and where we would sit. In reality I wasn’t expecting the normally quieter lunch spot to be filled with Christmas shoppers which was a curve ball. No matter, we queued quietly and awaited our turn to be called by the Maitre d’.

Just prior to his arrival he escorted the previous group to some high bar stools at a shared high bar. Not what I envisioned and I then remembered by original vision and saw ourselves seated at my table of choice. The Maitre d’ came over and escorted us in the direction of the desired table and then ……. did a body swerve to a less favourable table. ‘That was not in my plan’ I said to myself and my look snapped to my planned area where I spotted a waitress clearing and cleaning the table. “Excuse me. Could we sit there instead?”

“Yes of course Madam”.

Maybe not exactly as planned but isn’t that the way with most things in life? We may need to accept we may have to take a few detours but if we stay confident and don’t give up (Never Give Up) we will get to our destination.

Right that was easy, a few second subconscious vision manifested. Is it really that simple?

After dropping my daughter home I had the prospect of a hungry partner waiting for me. Hungry enough that patients had flown out of the window so takeaway it was then. What has this got to do with a box of frogs? The venue he had chosen has rubbish parking and is always extra busy on a Saturday evening. I also needed to pick up some milk at a convenience store two doors away and in the mist of storm ‘Clodogh’ I didn’t relish parking up the road and having to tackle an extremely busy road. Could I manifest so easily again? Could I put in a cosmic order for the perfect parking place? Without even being able to see possible spaces I indicated to park as I drew closer and there on the end was an even more perfect parking space.

Boy it is easy. Right ‘Missy’ time to chase those even bigger manifestations now and stop in the words of Dusty Springfield ‘wishing and hoping’. Read the right books. Listen to the people who are successful doing what you want to do.

Earlier in the am I came across a person called Amy Porterfield who used to work with Tony Robbins and helped him work on his book that sounds like ‘Money Master the Game’ and Tony had always advised Amy – if you want to do something follow, listen etc to the people who are really successful at doing what you want to do and learn from them. I’d bought this book and many others that I read people had read bought and used and credited to their success but I never really invested in them enough as I had invested many other books.

‘Well you know what you need to do then ‘Missy’.

After our takeaway I spent the rest of my evening reading Tony’s book off my kindle app and started highlighting my favourite bits and one of them was the quote above by Aristotle.

I have been quite a fearful little chicken for the majority of my life but now to live the life I truly desire I have to take risks, put myself out there and there will be people who won’t always agree or like what I am doing but I cannot contemplate a life doing nothing so that I avoid getting judged and this thought reminded me of Dita’s quote above.

There is always someone who won’t like peaches so you might as well get on and do it anyway  ………. unless you don’t want to get judged.