Not a Jot



As I drove in to work Bohemian Rhapsody was on the car radio and it was getting to that crucial point. You know the bit from Wayne’s World that if you par take makes you see stars. My stop light had just turned green and I was due to turn the corner where I would pass all the people now sat at a stop light.

Do I? Don’t I? Do I? Don’t?

Oh to hell with it of course I do.

On the way home on a Friday they always play Mahna Mahna by the Muppets to cheer people up if they are stuck in traffic. Of course I had to do my best muppet impression.

Earlier in the day I received a message from a colleague and I was feeling a bit cheeky and playful but they caught me at my own game and I mentioned as soon as I sent my message they were going to out play me and they replied that’s just the way I am.

I love it when people are full of self acceptance instead of self loathing.

Ok I weigh more than I’d like but I can change that and I love my age now or is it my age that makes me so chilled where all the stuff I used to stress over and hate about my self no longer effects me the same.


Me feeling the best and happiest I can be is what matters and keeping my glass full, not just half full but full to brimming over.

Did I car what the other commuters  thought of me as I head banged my way to work?

Not a Jot

Synchronicity Street



“The sun is shining inside my head”

That is a comment I said when someone replied to the comment I sent them.

A colleague that wasn’t currently in my office sent me a message saying good morning and asking how I was feeling?

I said I was fine and it was a beautiful day and they replied that the weather was horrible where they were and that it was pxxxing down.

I said the weather was rubbish where I was but the sun was shining in my head and it still is. I am buzzing off of life today and maybe somebody else in my position would be all fizzled out but buzzing I AM.

And if you knew why I was buzzing you may think I should be certified.

I am – certifiably joyous.

Before I got up I said my gratitudes and I said my new gratitudes that I blogged about recently. Saying thank you in advance for something that is not yet visible/physical but I know it is done because it is done literally the second you have the thought.

I was happily tootling along to work in my car listening to Tony Robbins when I saw something that made me scream.

I have this strange theory that when I see my initials in a car registration that is a hello from the Universe and a message that everything is ok and on track. See certifiable !!

It used to be seeing Birds of Pray but now it is car regs as I asked the Universe for a message of seeing my initials in a car plate would be the thumbs up that everything is working out A Ok and of course the Universe obliged and I expected it to be a one time event but if anyone has read Pam Grouts E:squared and you know the Volkswagen Jetta experiment if you choose Volkswagen Jetta’s, butterflies, purple feathers boom boom boom they will literally appear everywhere.

For me I chose Butterflies as one item but then chose to postpone my experiment as I was about to fly to Paris and despite postponing the experiment a butterfly landed on my airer whilst I was hanging washing out to wear to Paris (I had also just listened to Wayne Dyer talking about his book Inspiration so when the butterfly landed on the airer I nearly fainted but you would have to read the book or listen to the same video as I did on YouTube to understand why).

When I got to Paris within 5 minutes of leaving the Hotel we walked down the street and I saw butterflies on printed window voile, then later on a scarf on a women walking passed me on the Champs-Elysees, another women was wearing butterfly earrings sat next to me in a restaurant so now seeing my initials is not a surprise but today the Universe excelled itself.

Everything single letter on the registration plate was my 3 letters repeated in the correct order and I was omg, omg, omg screaming omg. I saw this as the hugest thumbs up that what is not yet visible is about to be visible. I know, completely certifiable but if you are a follower of the Law of Attraction you know there are no accidents.

I got out of my car in the rain. Not bothered, to me the sun is shining. Initials on a car plate right. Why wouldn’t the sun be shining in my head???

I did walk with my head down to keep my hair and the rain out of my eyes and there in the rain soaked pavement I see something written.

“I’m Awesome” 

Yes I am. Thank you very much !! But it doesn’t stop there. I have crossed a street everyday I go to work since May and I never noticed the name of the street “William Street’ and what does my certifiable head say “Will I?” “I AM’.

Don’t mean to take anything away from ‘Will.I.Am’ just saying I saw it as the question “Will I?” Yes I already AM.

Proper rampage of appreciation that put me so far in to the Vortex that when I was dealing with really challenging people I didn’t get spat out and I was still so on a high flying disc when I got home I had to blog about it.

If you see something that you feel inside is a thumbs up from the Universe that everything is A OK and puts you on a high flying disc and makes you feel you are walking down Synchronicity Street go with it however much it may make people think you are certifiable.

Just like rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp

I Can and I have

I don’t normally disagree with my peers and people who inspire me but I just saw this on social media and my brain said something slightly different.

I was listening to Wayne Dyer the other morning driving to work on YouTube, I must hastily add via earplugs and Wayne was talking about just by holding a particular book in your hands you will feel better without reading it and that Kinesiology proves it.

Just to prove I was only listening and not watching I was itching to know the book but couldn’t look. As Wayne went on and said more I knew it was the Tao Te Ching.

This may have inspired me when on Friday evening instincts told me to read both Pam Grout’s books right through again without doing the experiments and see what happens.

Almost immediately the Dude starting proving themselves but that is not why I am writing that situation here.

Starting to read E:squared again, I read that when we ask for something or for argument’s sake say “I would like to visit China” or date the David Beckham look a like, I must add I am not quoting Pam I am just translating what I read in to my perception but what I got from it was when we ask these kinds of things ‘Poof’, like rubbing Aladdin’s lamp – it is done.

It is just our focusing on the fact we can’t physically see it slows it down or delays it completely.

Before I saw the picture above I was journaling my excitement at what has happened in the few wee hours since just reading Pam Grout’s E:squared without even actually committing to the experiments.

Years and years and years ago early one Saturday morning I came across someone called the Barefoot Doctor and bought several of their books including one called ‘Manifesto’ and in it the Doctor warned you before you start practicing the advise there within ‘beware’ because once you do, watch out. Big things will happen. Life changing things and you may not see them at first but be the Universe will start moving furniture around and then bang !!!!!

This photo below is one of my favourite quotes and sums up what I am saying perfectly.


I have used Barefoot’s terminology ever since reading his books and when I see strange things happening I just go “OK furniture is being moved” and that is what I was journaling about and when I saw the picture saying “I Can and I Will’ but what I said was

“I Can and I Have”

Why Maria Von Trapp had it right


I won’t go in to the whole story but the Von Trapp family has a certain resonance with me at the moment so when I heard something to do with the ‘Sound of Music’ on the radio my ears pricked up.

The next evening driving home from work the DJ said so many people were annoyed that he only played a tit-bit of one of the songs he would play something in full as an apology.

Back in school we had, I shall say, a very unusual music teacher who week after week would bully the lyrics of ‘Rain Drops on Roses’ into us over and over and over and over again. Our only solace from ‘Rain drop on Roses’ was ‘Yellow Submarine’ over and over and again.

The poor music teacher it appeared to me a terrible teacher and was a very troubled man, living on the edge.

Maybe the Universe was trying to send us both a message within those lyrics but I have only just got when it played on my car stereo yesterday evening.

Rain Drop’s on Roses, whiskers on kittens, the changing of the seasons, fresh-cut grass, babies giggling, these are a few of my favourite things.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I am feeling sad …..

A few months ago I was in quite a funk and not an uptown one but a very down town funk and the Universe indicated I needed to read Abraham Hicks ‘Ask and it is Given’. I think I blogged about it at the time and what I found really useful to get me out of my funk was Process 1 – Rampage of Appreciation.

The Rampage of Appreciate and what Maria was doing are basically the same thing. When you are feeling sad simply remember your favourite things and then you won’t feel so bad.

Abraham Hicks and I know I have blogged about this how a few seconds can change your life. 17 seconds or 68 seconds not quite sure which it was but what Abraham was saying if we focus 17 seconds on something pleasurable, then another and another within 68 seconds we will have literally changed our point of focus and our point of attraction.

Just think about that. Within 68 seconds you can literally change your life.

That poor teacher literally had nervous breakdowns nearly every lesson and tried to commit suicide at least twice when the answer was there all the time and neither one of us heard it.

The exact same answer is available to each and everyone of us each and every second. There is always something beautiful to focus on and be grateful for and if we all started doing this on a regular basis just think what the signal we would be sending out to the world.

A Perfect Moment

perfect moment image

Just now I literally wanted to burst in to tears because I had a perfect moment.

No I hadn’t won the lottery or been offered a million pound contract to sit at home and blog or, or, or.

I was just reminded that where I am right now is exactly where I am meant to be.

The other day I blogged about wanting to eat a shit sandwich and I nearly blogged a post called “Mind Your Language” and that was completely unrelated to what I am writing here …… or is it?

“Mind Your Language” was inspired about spending the weekend with loved ones and hearing them say habitual negative comments without even knowing but me knowing the power of the Universe and the power of our spoken and unspoken words how dangerous this can be.

Habitual comments about age, habitual self put downs etc.

“What do you expect, that’s bound to happen at my age” Bollocks !!!

“I have a terrible memory, there is nothing I can do about it” Bollocks !!!

“It’s easier to lose weight when you are young and harder when you are older” Bollocks

“Your trouble is you are to fussy, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, lower your standards” Bollocks. (This wasn’t aimed at me by the way).

Only if you buy into this crap and believe it.

I love my family and extended family but I know at this present moment in time there is no point in trying to explain the power of thought but the worlds coming around. I see evidence every day.

I heard not just once but several times from various different self-aware people “You become the sum of the 5% of the people you surround yourself with” advising to choose careful, be aware of this fact and not get drawn in or distance yourself from negative influences.

Right from the earliest age I felt isolated from my peers etc because I seemed to have different inspirations and aspirations and not much has changed but now we have the luxury of finding our crowd online so it doesn’t bother me what my 5% are because they bring so much more to the party that I love.

However I am still guilty of believing the hype, falling into the old patterns, not minding my language and bringing on a huge shit sandwich in my direction.

It probably started about 3 weeks back now but I wasn’t aware then that this gradual process of letting the negative mind worms gnawing at my brain was happening but the spiral really happened towards the end of last week when I went in to victim mode and joined in the negative party posse conversations.

Was I really expecting things to get better by doing this?

As the anxiety I was putting myself through grew I did try putting sticking plasters on it like listening to Dr Wayne Dyers ‘Erroneous Zones” audio on YouTube on the way to work. Reading motivational material and saying affirmations and asking for assistance from the infinite source and infinite part of me. Who knows how bad it would have got if I hadn’t done this but at the same time I was not minding my language and to the extend I was feeling sick with anxiety by Thursday afternoon.

Despite this I had asked the Universe for help with some topics and instinct said do this, this and this and the task I had to complete for that day went perfectly. One down only one to go. Well actually I am not giving myself credit because I was achieving tasks all the time and the fog was beginning to clear but all this really started to spiral the previous week when I missed a deadline and read an email a certain way and I let self-doubt begin to fester.

I wish it could be 6 months time and I had more knowledge, I wish I had the knowledge and experience of my peers, they are so much better than me. Why is it that I am working and working and keep running out of time? What am I doing wrong? I must be really crap at this? I’ve never failed in a role before, I wish I could win the lottery so I don’t have to be accountable to a boss, I wish I was self-employed so I could be my own boss. Welcome to my pity party.

On Monday I had found an invitation to a 121 with my boss for the Friday PM and immediately felt it was to berate me for my poor performance on the missed deadline completely forgetting the fact that this has been the most loving, fantastic supportive, motivational boss I have ever had and always felt inspired and energised after speaking to them. I wasn’t minding my language and letting self-doubt win and comparing myself to everybody else so no I couldn’t recall all these facts or previous interactions.

The reality was – none of the stuff I had imagined happened. None of the stuff I expected to get raised got raised and all the things that happened in our previous interactions happened and then some and there were reasons for the 121 that were completely unrelated and one of the main reasons was that my bosses boss who was the other person who interviewed me as well as my boss was concerned about a comment I had made that showed I had doubt in myself and they wanted to check I was OK and reassure me that I was OK and I knew this stuff and reminded me off all the things that I bring to the party that my peers who have been in the job longer don’t have and what an asset I am.

That’s not the perfect moment (even though it was pretty awesome). The prefect moment came after listening to the video I am going post below.

I was stood in my kitchen area in my partially completed house looking at the chaos that I usually hate with a coffee in my hand, wearing my partners dressing gown (not sexy at all but warmer than mine) not-self employed, not a millionaire blogger but it is OK. This is exactly where I am supposed to be at this point of time, I’m ok and things are working out perfectly.

As the video shows I am not alone in my recent feelings, sadly not even close to being alone but thankfully these days we have our Online Family with the right language to bring us back on track.

Cream on my Soul

The other day I “accidentally” found the gift from God that is Elizabeth Gilbert.

I am having a girl crush with her. She says so much that makes sense and says it in a way that feels like I am literally having cream poured over my soul.

I could listen to her all day and all night just to hear her dulcet tones but have the added bonus of wisdom thrown in.

Her words to me just remind me that every one of us whilst actually being pieces of God and vessels as to channel that fact through have this constant battle with our physical selves that tell us that we are not worthy, what we do is not good enough, no-one will want to hear it or see it or read and I loved particularly the other day in the video that I posted that Liz openly admitted that her first book was not that good but hey it’s my first book it’s not going to be good.

She also talked of the pitfalls of perfectionism and how it stifles because we expect stuff to be perfect before we can share it – GUILTY !!

I was listening to Liz on a YouTube talk through my head phones before walking in to a particularly challenging day and that’s when I said to myself “This feels like Cream on my Soul” and then also thought ‘what if I screw up today, I’m new at this and I know I am trying my best and if I make a mistake to hell with it there are worse things going on in the world’

I also then remembered that I am a physical vessel for my non-physical self and the divine is in me all the time and there is nothing that I don’t have the answer to inside of me so how can it not go well? Bring it on !!

ARK’s 2

Last week I arrived in London at 5:30pm where I made a short tube journey to my hotel.

At first the tube was surprisingly clear when a smartly dressed young man got on looking frustrated and angry. Rather bizarrely to me whilst huffing and puffing to himself he started tossing old tube tickets over the floor of the tube. He also threw away a plastic Oyster card and someone handed it back to him thinking he had dropped it accidentally . He snapped at the kind commuter that it was rubbish.

The next station a man got on and if I am honest was scruffily dressed with a long grey pony tail carrying a guitar. Nievily I just assumed he was a musician on his travels.

He then started playing said guitar.

I was actually enjoying the impromptu performance but even more enjoyable/amusing was the way people acted like nothing was happening.

The tube got busier with ever stop and he kept on playing and people were squeezed in like sardines and I watched as people looked miserable and annoyed having to share the tube with busker but the busker however had a big smile on their face.

When the angry smartly dressed young man squeezed passed me to get off the tube he turned to a boy in school uniform and said “stay in school or you might end up like that” I thought it was quite cruel and uncalled for but I also thought ‘who had it made’ because the busker appeared far happier than Mr Suited and Booted.

Tonight I saw this video and made me happy.

Let me know how it makes you feel?

I nearly peed myself while I wanted to eat a Sxxt sandwich 


Inspiration to blog hits me in varying rates and sometimes its non stop in the most inappropriate moments with no practical time to live stream my thoughts into a physical written word.

Today it hit me whilst driving and I grabbed my laptop the instant I walked through the door.

The content was my previous blog post regarding internet V Universe where I documented about Mike Dooleys example of how the Universe can bring you a desire.

I believe the adage ‘there are no accidents’.

So instead of accidentally I will say ‘I pressed most appropriate button at that point in time’.

The other day I found (at the most appropriate moment) some tutorials on YouTube about MacBooks and I have been hooked ever since. It never dawned on me to look for tutorials before but that was another series of appropriate moments and I try to watch as many as I can when ever I can and I wanted to try out something I learnt so I went on YouTube and just tapped on a window, any window just to try it out but as the words started to play out something struck me.

I am liking the sound of this material I will listen to this. Remember it was a completely random hit, or was it? Well it was on my part but was it so random on the Universes part?

I can’t really articulate or won’t for your sake the whole interview so I have included it before but OMG. The information I heard got me so excited I nearly peed my pants.

I have dreams like we all do and I start but then fear, self-doubts, lack of confidence, perfectionism, anxiety gets in the way and they remain dreams.

What I heard in the content below made me realise that I am not the only one to feel like this and more surprisingly was to hear people who appear fearless have exactly the same feelings I outlined above. It’s normal, it’s not going away so what we need to do is find a work around and for me the information contained in that interview was the work around. I found it so inspiring I actually embraced the thought of eating the Sxxt sandwiches that come with following your dreams and bought the authors book “Big Magic” instantly, thanks to the power of the internet.

PS: Catch the Speech on YouTube that Marie refers to as that will make you want to pee your pants as well.

Internet or Universe ???

After visiting the Wayne Dyer Tribute in London last week I watched a video in my hotel room (now, now, naughty !! ) by Mike Dooley and in the video Mike explained how we need to let the Universe take care of the details and outcomes of something we want and gave a scenario of someone wanting a certain type of relationship and while they were on one continent there ideal mate was in Italy and if they knew this they may start to panic and think how will the delicious Bruno and I ever meet but that’s not our business.

Mike went to on explaining how the Universe may orchestrate Bruno and X meet and he said but no matter if Bruno never got on the plane to attend the event that they were destined to meet at because then the Universe will lineup Marco and another suitable mate and another and another until X finally meets their ideal mate.

On the radio tonight I heard the DJ say ‘It’s amazing the power of the Interent” and explained how the artist that we had just listened to uploaded 1 video to YouTube and someone from a recording company heard them and contacted them and offered them a recording contract.

Was it the power of the Internet? Or the power of the Universe orchestrating details to fulfil someone’s wish to be a recording artist.

Remember we are literally radio masts broadcasting messages at all times.

Decide what it is you want and let go and let the Universe live stream it to you.



I Am a spark from the Infinite. I Am not flesh and bone. I Am Light.

Paramahansa Yogananda

The above is the picture I took whilst waiting for Robert Holden and Anita Moorjani to come on stage to pay tribute to the Wonderful Wayne Dyer.

Rob talked of his relationship with Wayne and how he felt Wayne’s work had evolved into three different stages. He showed pictures that you may have seen on the internet of his children spreading his ashes on the waters he swam in and the picture that appears to have Wayne’s face in the water. Rob told of an event about a butterfly in his car that he relates to a sign from his mother that recently passed and how a friend rationalised it and then discussed that many people have documented strange occurrences since Wayne’s passing. I had to in the first few days and didn’t feel confident to share them and rationalised them also and then Anita told her story of orange flowers and an orange on her table at the “I Can Do It” conference days after his passing which I already learned about from Pam Grout’s blog post and Anita gave a description of how she felt in the other realm in her NDE (Near Death Experience).

If you haven’t already read it. Read Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be me” and it will make sense. I read it as soon as it came out because of Wayne’s recommendation and it blew me away. I have told everyone for years that Wayne Dyer is my favourite author but I have bought more copies and recommended Anita’s book to more people because I felt inspired to as I felt it would help people in pain or fear from dying or when they have lost a loved one.

Anita explained how when she was in her NDE she was part of all things all at once and could be in all places simultaneously. I had read Wayne saying how he called upon the spirit of people and if you wanted an answer on a particularly hard question you could ask Einstein for help or you wanted to express your artistic side you could call on Picasso’s spirit. Despite reading this and ‘Dying to be me’ I only really got it when Anita and Rob discussed people may want to call on Wayne but feel he needs to be with his children right now so calling on Wayne would be selfish.

Anita said from what she learnt from her NDE everybody could call on Wayne and no one would be pulling him away from anyone else as he can be everywhere all at once and that Wayne’s purpose was to teach and reach as many people as possible and despite touching so many people with his books and audio and via the internet he could still only reach a certain amount of people and now he has the capacity to reach the whole Universe and there would be nothing more Wayne would like than everyone to call upon him.

This is when I understood what Wayne was referring to when he said he calls upon St Francis and now I didn’t feel so silly when I thought I was receiving messages from Wayne.

Perhaps he was trying to tell everyone who knew him and loved him that he knew it.

On entering the Troxy, the Venue where Wayne would have been in the physical but now entered in his Infinite state I was handed a green band which I must admit assumed was my sign to say I was part of this event if I wanted to go outside for some not so fresh air etc. Towards the event Rob Holden explained how in his latter chapter Wayne emphasised the importance to meditate and use a method called the “I AM MEDITATION” and Rob said he has practised this for three years now and his life has changed phenomenally. We all then took part in a ‘I Am Meditation’. Now I have to admit, despite hearing over and over the benefits of meditation I am rubbish at practicing any kind of practice and I do not have anyone physically close to me on my wavelength to share with the stuff I share here but when I took part in what was only around 6 minutes of the ‘I Am Meditation’ with everyone else in that beautiful Art Deco auditorium I was hooked and thought that’s it, surely I can find 6 minutes somewhere each day and the pay offs sound amazing.

This morning as I unpacked (all my free books because I was given two goodie bags of Wayne’s books which I already own so have decided I will give copies to people when the ‘Inspiration’ calls) I found my green band and I noticed in the day light it had some writing on it and it said “I AM LIGHT” – DR WAYNE W DYER.

What I know now more than ever is that “WE ARE ALL LIGHT'” and should meditate to get in contact with that part of us that is “LIGHT” and our lives will be truly phenomenal.

Namaste perfect beings