Practice Makes Perfect


I became aware of my first ‘self-help’ book in the 90’s when a mother I used to walk with to take our kids to school gave me a copy of “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

We’d been talking about how our Ex’s were jerks and never wanted to see their kids or support them but actually I was relieved that mine lived a long, long, long way away now as our relationship was a lot more complicated than just that.

Not knowing at that point that our thoughts attract things I was blown away that, that evening I received a call from him and not in a good way. That’s why the friend offered me the book as she thought it may help me with my situation.

This book really did help me in so many ways and I recently bought an E version just to revisit why it had such a profound effect on me. From that book I read another and another because which ever book I was reading introduced me to another author and I was addicted.

However things didn’t change all that much in some areas and if they did, not for long until something clicked in me in 2010.

Now, I had been reading about the Law of Attraction in some gauze or another for over a decade but it wasn’t until I read a book in 2010 that the light bulb went on.

Recently I started to write a book and in it I mentioned that I heard that the teacher arrives when the student is ready and the very next day I heard Wayne Dyer say exactly the same thing in a YouTube interview I was listening to between Wayne and Tony Robbins.

That was certainly the case with Feel the Fear and shortly after reading that book I became aware of Louise Hay (A Goddess in my eyes). At the time I didn’t drive, there was no Amazon or eBooks and I used to either have to go to my local book store and order books or hop on a bus and travel the 11 miles (to the town I now work in and drive to every day) to find and purchase my next big fix.

I owe it all to Louise that I can now actually drive as it was visualising using the techniques in one of Louise’s books (with a seriously pulled quad muscle the night before my driving test) that I laid on the bed, closed my eyes and saw myself perform all the moves perfectly and indeed passed first time despite my muscle going in to a massive spasm as I tried to reverse around a corner.

The bingo moment in 2010 was when I read ‘The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and what I realised was that the majority of the time I would read a book, think I had it all sussed and then go back to my normal day and get back in to my normal thought processes that I had manufactured inadvertently over many years and then nothing changed and it all looked bad again and I’d read another book and so the Merry Go Round continued.

What ‘The Secret’ had taught me that I hadn’t managed to gather from all the other amazing authors I had read previously were saying but I wasn’t ready to hear was “Repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition ….” I think you are getting what  I got.

I would read a book and move on. Move on to another or move on with normal life but I wouldn’t put any effort or ‘put any skin in’ to actually putting what I had learn’t in to practice.

I love the old adage “Nothing Changes if nothing Changes” and I was certainly that person. Now I am not perfect but I put a lot more skin in these days than I did before and so much in my life has changed. Most importantly I am nearly always happy and optimistic these days and if I am not I find and use a ‘tool’ to remind me that ‘I’ and the Universe are unlimited, all giving and abundant.

Last night I sat in my favourite restaurant with some of my favourite people, eating astounding food and feeling extortionately grateful when somehow a conversation cropped up between the other three about what a mess the world is in. I sat silent, 1) knowing that at the moment they are not in a place to hear me if I said how I feel and 2) I know otherwise. The world is what we focus on and we need to focus on what we ‘Do’ want and not what we don’t want and we have to repeat, repeat, repeat focusing on it.

That is why I have posted Louise video below _

Have an awesome weekend.

Only Joking



Only Joking that my work is done. I talk to much for that.

And talking of Joking. I have been reading a lot of how people are communicating with Wayne Dyer since his death and how Wayne loves to play games and tricks with people even from the energy form that Wayne is currently incarnated in to. I can relate to that.

I’m not saying it was Wayne but the Universe was certainly showing it had a sense of humour yesterday.

When I first had the ‘Law of Attraction’ lightening bolt in 2010 I still wasn’t the most positive of kittens (old thought patterns and all that) and I needed signs sometimes and reassurance that everything was going to be ok.

I can’t remember how it came about but I made a connection of seeing a bird of prey as a good sign and still, to this day still feel reassured when I spot one. (Yesterday I saw a Spitfire plane dip down from the clouds as I came home from work – not sure if that counts and I wonder if it is the same one that Prince Harry got to fly in? See I told you I talk to much 🙂 – ).

Recently I was having an unusual feeling of uncertainty and feeling a bit low and I needed a sign. I read once looking for signs shows a lack of Faith in the Universe so I am a bit adverse to asking for signs now because I am all about the Faith these days. Faith that the Universe is all giving and limitless and the only limitations are in our own minds but blow it I needed one.

Bizarre you probably think but I have also started to make an association to my initials on car registration plates as a ‘High’ from the invisible energy that is the infinite field so instinct said “OK Universe, if I see all 3 of my initials in a car number plate before I get off this Motorway/Highway I know that everything is going to be OK real soon” and sure enough just before I drove off at my junction there was the number plate.

Now I love my life and I enjoy my job, well more than enjoy but I still have aspirations and dreams of the next big thing and I am getting a little impatient, excited, anticipatory (somebody is going to see the Rocky Horror Live Stream from London soon, hence the anticipatory). Especially when I read about someone practically if not actually living my dream life so I asked for the number plate sign again. I have 100% Faith that it will happen, is happening in my Vortex but of my own admission I wanted to know how soon, is it soon? Are we there yet?, are we there yet? !!!

On the way to work this morning after asking I saw a few combinations and saw one car with two of the three and when I pointed out it was two not three a lorry pulled up next to the car making it all three. Nearly there but not quite.

When I got in my car after work a car had pulled in to the space that was left in front of me that morning and I noticed it was a foreign number plate and it had two of my initials. I don’t mind admitting I said out loud “It’s good but it is not all three” and promptly went to pull away when I noticed a sticker for the nationality of the car “P” for Poland and my missing initial.

I laughed out loud and said “OK very good Universe, you win. Very funny”.

Since watching Wayne Dyer’s film “The Shift’ again I have tried to adopt two practices 1) to ask each day ‘How may I serve” and 2) “Let go and let God”.

I constantly try to remind myself to let it go (I know asking for a sign is not entirely letting it go) because as humans if we try to “Do it” “Fix it” we are only focused on one possible solution but when we let go the Infinite Field of Intelligence is free to let what we want come to us from a myriad of possible ways. So to me, two initials on a number plate and one on a sticker very close to the number plate was still all three of my initials on one individual car and I am so excited now of how things are going to play out in the creation of the next big thing and gives me an excuse to add in my favourite photo of my favourite quote – Remember ..


You don’t need a New Moon and an Eclipse to change



Today on Social Media I saw an article about there being a New Moon and partial eclipse on the 13th of September 2015 and what times it was going to happen around the world. The article read of how this was going to instigate a huge change in the world and I did set an alarm in my phone to ensure I woke up to see it. But not because I was hoping for it to instigate a change in my life but just because I would like to witness something if possible because I know we can change any moment we choose as many times as we choose.

I won’t take credit for having this feeling because it has only come in to my understanding from the many books I have read and audio’s and videos I have watched and listened to but prior to that change used to terrify me and now I embrace it as one of the certainties in life.




If you story doesn’t work for you Divorce it

Said during a Oprah Masterclass with Tony Robbins

I always hold Louise Hay and Colonel Sanders stories in the forefront of my mind so when I saw this photo above, the other day on social media I instantly saved it.

I have read numerous times that Colonel Sanders idea of his Southern Fried Chicken was rejected over a thousand times before he was accepted (and I am sure that he would have kept going another thousand if his idea wasn’t picked up then) but it stuck with me on the first read and only helped to reaffirm to me on every other read ‘Don’t ever give up’ on your dreams, goals etc.

A few other successful people who we probably just see as successful and not realise that it wasn’t that easy are Walt Disney, turned down 302 times before receiving financing. J K Rowling a single mum turned down by 12 publishing houses and the other day during a Training session when asked what year did ‘Gone with the Wind’ win its Oscar my colleagues looked surprised when I instantly walked to the correct year without hesitation and before anyone in the room even moved because I knew from all the material I keep reading it was dismissed by 38 publishers before taken up.

So if you think you are stuck or you life sucks or you haven’t achieved something you wanted to achieve or you are to old think of Louise or the Colonel. Don’t wait for an Eclipse. Do it now. Do it in your next breath and if you don’t like your story – Divorce it because as Esther/Abraham Hicks says –

 “You can never get it wrong and you can never get it done”

And I dare you to listen to Sam below and not get Goosebumps 🙂


My First Ever Regret



Long before I learnt of self-help books or The Law of Attraction or amazing people like Louise Hay I thankfully was able to look at every painful experience in my life and be able to be grateful.

I was able to look at the events and evaluate if I hadn’t gone through that I wouldn’t have that or learnt that or experienced that or grown into the person I AM to today so when talking to people about their experiences I would say “I do not have any regrets, I am glad I had that experience because …………………”

Learning about ‘The Law of Attraction’ in 2010 (at the time of one of most painful experiences) and all the books and audio’s etc I have listened to since have only enhanced my ability to see gifts wrapped in sandpaper as Lisa Nichols would say however over the last few days I am truly struggling to get a handle on my current experience and find the gift or try to convince myself I am not full of regret.

Despite my inability deep, deep, deep down there is an inner knowing that I Am being Divinely Led.

In January this year I was laying in bed when I received an email that Wayne Dyer was coming to London in October 2015.

“Oh, oh, oh” I chirped !!

My partner asked what was it?

“Wayne Dyer is coming to London. He is my most favouritest author. I have more books by Wayne than any other author and he is truly the most effective person I have read. I would just love to see him”

Surprisingly my partner replied negatively saying what was the point. It didn’t work. Asking questions like if it works, Where was my money? Why was I in a job I hated? etc, etc?

This was not a normal response from him and it hurt me physically both by the voracity of his words and there contents.

He’s very money driven and when I apply for a job it is always what’s the salary, have you asked for a pay rise and for evidence reasons to know something is working he needs to see things NOW, now, now or it isn’t working.

Despite not having the current evidence in his eyes I knew like I knew that I am the ‘Master of My Fate’. I had already had so many experiences that we are literally the creators of our own realities that everything else I desire and usually far, far better was non-physical and would be physical in no uncertain terms.

However I am currently physical with as well as non-physical and annoyance raised in me. I was determined to go and secretly treated myself to a late Christmas present ticket.

Now I am not usually a secretive, deceitful person but due to the conversation and the circumstances that I bought my ticket I never found the right moment to say that I had bought a ticket etc then the Universe played it’s part and as part of my new job (that I love) Training that I was meant to be going to next week had been cancelled and there was an available date in London on October 1st. The date I had booked annual leave to see Wayne. Initially I declined but then instinct said ‘Wow there Tiger’ and I back tracked.

I journalled at the amazingness of the Universe. I could travel to London with work, do the Training and then see Wayne Dyer in the evening and as October drew closer I was getting so excited at the prospect of being in the same room as this amazing man and experience the energy.

I was in London at the weekend when I dipped into Facebook just before going to sleep after an amazing experience of spending the evening at the top of the Shard watching the sun go down and the lights come on. I was in rapture of how blessed I am in my life, of another experience to tick off my ‘Live List’ and then my heart stopped in disbelief.

No this cannot be real. What I am reading. I knew I had to read it again but at the same time I didn’t want to because that would make it real while right now it was a misunderstanding. But no it was true. Our beloved teacher had passed. So close, so, so, so close but now not even far. Impossible.

At this present time it is hard to comprehend how I have gone through, I believe Divinely led experiences to achieve being able to see Wayne Dyer to now not being able to feel this mans wonderful presence and how I cannot regret not being able to have that experience.

Probably like most people I have committed to rereading Wayne’s books and watch the film The Shift again to add value to my life even more and live on purpose but I feel bereft. I feel like I was about to have a catch up with an old friend and that has been snatched away from me. When I hear Wayne’s voice I feel physical pain in my chest and tear up. Because I never actually told my partner I had bought my ticket and I am feeling this way I am experiencing my grief alone.

I don’t like being deceitful and don’t intent to do it again and I will have to share my truth soon as I have received an email that they are still holding the event as a Tribute to Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani is going to one of the guest speakers whose wonderful book “Dying to Be me” I read as a recommendation by Wayne and I have already booked my Hotel room to attend and I want to be able to share that experience.

Social media is full of just how a profound effect Wayne Dyer had on so many with all the tributes that it contains and one of the things I read that struck me most was reading that Wayne is with all of us now, all at once, all of the time.

Since learning of his passing some very strange Wayne Dyer related synchronicites have happened that have literally given me goosebumps like I have never experienced before and I have witnessed the pattern emerging. The mention of Maslow’s Higheracy of needs popping into the most random of conversation being one of them and if you have read Wayne Dyers books you’ll realise the relevance and these little things make me smile and remind me how miraculously the Universe works and that we are all truly connected, truly one.

Since starting this post I read how Wayne’s daughters recently drove his car and ‘I can see clearly now’ came on the radio. I felt like mentioning my observations but hesitated thinking I was reading to much into it and then I saw this picture 

Thank you Wayne.

Like most people I have decided to read Wayne’s books once more and the other night I watched ‘The Shift’

I took two things away that I agreed with myself to adopt every day

  1. Let go and let God
  2. Ask ‘How may I serve’

Thank you our Master, Our Teacher. I Am grateful that I lived in your time even if I didn’t physically meet you.


Approval Not required


I saw this picture on Facebook asking for people to make a comment.

I loved my internal instinctive response.

“I don’t care what people thought”

How liberating is that?

I have to admit I haven’t always felt that way and contribute my response to my love of the Law of Attraction and desire to always learn and self expand otherwise I may have jumped in there and subjected myself to the self-torture.

Talking of self-torture, I cannot be alone can I? In my lack of interest in TV Programs like Master Chef and the Great British Bake off to name a few can I?

You may not be familiar with Bake off but Master Chef is pretty well spread (pardon the pun) I believe because even in passing I am aware there is a Australian and American version.

Why I cannot partake in this viewing frenzy is because it would be painful for me to watch people cook or bake or paint or draw or sew or a plethora of other tasks and see them stand there agonising while they await the approval (or non-approval) from another human being (not God) to tell them if their efforts are good enough.

Why traumatise your self for another persons opinion? And that is all it is an opinion or more to the point. A perception.

While one person may think their cake is the best thing they have ever tasted since sliced bread the other doesn’t like it because they are not a fan of oranges,

All day every day we are perceiving things we see, hear, touch or taste and there could be a hundred different people hearing or seeing the same thing and have a hundred different perceptions so why do we seek approval? Or more importantly why should we?

Everything we do should be an inside out job not an outside in.

I know there are many, many, many more sad situations in the world than this one but one of the saddest things I every saw was when I watched a program about an Art Gallery here in the UK. Now I love all things Art so I tuned in and the program was about submitting Art to the Royal Academy Summer show and it featured a few people and followed their journey as they prepared and submitted their works and awaited the email/letter that spelt joy or pain.

One man to my perception produced beautiful work and had submitted year after year without success and until the Academia’s approved his submission he could not or would not see himself as an actual artist. To me that was heart breaking. What a waste of potential or possibilities.

Now I originally started this post last week when the beautiful Dr Wayne W. Dyer was still alive and I actually was inspired to start this WordPress account and my blog whilst reading one of Wayne’s incredible books on a coach back from London after being in Tate Britain all day and viewing J. M. W Turner’s paintings who is and is classed as, one of the worlds best artists and was once laughed at and ridiculed when his work was first displayed in the RA and it was reading in this book about how Wayne was handed a book by his uncle just before he went into the army and Wayne learnt about the life of Ivan Ilyich who on his death-bed asked his wife (who he spent his life despising and resenting) “What if my whole life has been wrong?”

In that same book Wayne said “don’t die with your music still in you” and that was he clincher. I had been writing practically daily but to scared to put it out there in the world for fear of reprisal and ridicule but after reading that I didn’t want to be an Ivan either.

So please in honour of the gorgeous soul that is Wayne Dyer don’t worry what any one else thinks and don’t die with your music still in you.