Oooo !! Excited about being born


I am tingling with anticipation about being born

For a long time I have focused on stories about people finding success in later life. I especially focus on this when I am struggling, feeling like giving up or angry at myself for not achieving certain things after all these years and thankfully I hardly do any of the latter more and more infrequently.

Tonight I was happy to see a magazine program having a section on people who had found success later in life.

Sea Sick Steve was on the program and he said he was actually happy that he didn’t find success until later life. Steve in now 66.

There was also a lady who had a dream about buying Caribbean baby food and the dream was still with her on waking and realised that she couldn’t buy Caribbean baby food so started a business and another lady who as a child ran home in joy to tell her mother a joke she had learned. Her mother told that she shouldn’t use those words and so closed her mind to her dream of telling jokes however now at 77 she is a stand up comedian.

The other day and almost every day since I have listened to a Louise Hay audio version of ‘I Can Do It’.

The first time I heard it something made me go whoa !! Louise suggested that on the eve of your 49th birthday see it as an infancy to a new life.

In just over a month it’s my birthdate. Read that again.

I said birthdate not birthday because in just over a month I am 49 so I am about to be born (again).

My body might not be as slim as I wish and when I look at my face in a magnifying mirror first thing in the morning I may sometimes withdraw rather rapidly and go “Whoa easy Tiger” as I see some of the lines around my eyes but I do not partake in the self talk that some people around me engage in (that are often younger than me) about feeling old or I can’t do A, B or C now that I am this old. Or since I turned 30,40 etc …..

My body doesn’t feel any different now than it has ever done.

Next week I do plan to start trying to eliminate sugar from my diet after reading Amelia Freer’s book ‘Eat, Nourish, Glow’ and Bruce Lipton’s blog and the effects it has on our body and the proven effects on improving your diet has on your gene’s and I want to find time to do more Yoga again but this to me is just common sense and not an obsession of ‘Oh I am getting older’ …

Because as I said I am about to be reborn but in fact we get the chance to be reborn everyday …… when we wake up.

Everyday is an opportunity to start again. Change your thoughts, break old negative non productive belief patterns, decide to be happy instead of sad, forgive someone, love more. The list is endless and joyous.

I am so excited right now.

What are you going to wake excited about tomorrow?

What are you going to be reborn about today?

Have a fabulous weekend.

Excited about the Pow, pow, pow to come.



The other day whilst playing with my new toy, some basebuds I listened to a podcast on Hay House radio with Mike Dooley.

It was only a snap shot of an even longer cast but it still had some great content to relate to.

The final words were on the subject Understanding your Power,  Mike said when you understand you are an extension of God the truth will set you free, you become excited and optimistic. You realise there are no bad things that happen in time and space everything makes you more, everything was in alignment and what actually looks like a train wreck was actually a set up for the best of your life.

Now I am not normally a God person. I don’t partake in the old man with a white beard sitting saying that’s good, that’s bad, you’re right, you’re wrong, you’re in, you’re out philosophy.My God stands for ‘Good Orderly Design’ and is the energy that permeates everything, that is everything and in everything so is in us and that’s why I get what Mike Dooley is saying about the Power within us.

When you can’t see the abundance etc you think somethings wrong or you are doing something wrong, (yep done that many, many times) no  !! don’t draw conclusions with your physical senses, know that everything makes you more and in hindsight it will be clear.

5 years ago my life felt like a Train Wreck now I can see that everything was working out perfectly but at the time I was like ahhhhhhhhhhh    !!!!!!!!!!!

Mike said at a time in his life when he felt the rug was pulled from under him he still had his dreams and tried to do something every day to stay focused on his dreams whilst pulling together a Vision Board.

I was struck particularly by one of his 4 goals,  creative fulfilling work.

At the moment my work life is like a Train Wreck but unlike the uneducated me of 5 years ago I am not going ahhhhhhh !! any more.

Only this morning I was making up affirmations up about the gratitude I have for the amazing opportunities and abundance that have come my way like they have already arrived because at the same time there was this voice telling me, reminding me this is all part of the path, this ALL has a purpose and I am finally getting it now, not to get stressed or try to figure it out. It’s already done and the magic of the Universe will go pow, pow, pow and do something mind blowingly miraculous when I least expect it and I get that now, I trust that now. I can let it ALL go now in Faith and get excited about the mystery about it now instead of trying to make it work. The work is not my job staying positive and happy and in FAITH is my job.

I have manifested bottles of perfume to Audi A4 convertibles and MacBook Pro’s so far, why not every thing else on my vision-board and beyond. This is not a Train wreck, I am just changing lines.

Mike says – When we realise our power. We realise that life is beautiful, we are powerful. We are literally the eyes and the ears of God come alive in the dream of life. Inclined to succeed, pushed on to greatness every single day. Someone grounded in that truth becomes and unstoppable race horse.

Get excited about the Pow, pow, pow of life like I am and remember there is a solution to every problem.



Dah Hello !!!



I hope the title doesn’t come across as to abrupt but the ‘Dah Hello’ is for me.

So many miracles happen to me now I am getting a little blazé about it.

The other day I did my usual commute habit of stubbing a finger at something on the watch list on my YouTube app, plugging in my headphones and off I go.

I have been everything Abraham-Hicks at the moment but it was a Louise Hay one this time.

OMG !!!

It was just the breath of fresh air I needed even though I wasn’t feeling stressed or anything but it just cranked up my vibration a notch.

I sent the link to a colleague who is having a hard time at the moment and thought it might help them improve their perspective a little.

If you want to check out what I felt so great about I’ve added the link below for you to see for yourself.

I then went up stairs to get ready to go for a walk and I was sat on the bed putting on my trainers when something moved my head sideways and I found myself looking at my vision board at the side of my bed.

At first I just stared at it blankly not really realising what I was focusing on at then I was all like “Omg , Dah hello”.

I was staring at a picture of a MacBook Pro something that the Universe delivered to me several weeks ago and I had completely forgotten I had placed it in my vision board and above that was a picture of two white Ducks.

No I don’t want two pet white Ducks but two white ducks had a very significant part in a stage of my career reassuring me that everything would be ok when I was in my infancy of understanding the Law of Attraction and as it happens I am at that place again so I saw this as no accident that something was making me aware that they were there on my vision board and reassuring me once again that everything would be ok and work out as it always inevitably does.

When I manifested the MacBook I felt inspired to email my story to Mollie Player and Mollie published the story a couple of weeks ago. See full story below

Sometimes I think I am making no progress when external subjects do not appear to have changed but I know something has changed when I am calm and happy almost all of the time whist others are talking and acting negatively and my vibration is not effected.

In some ways it is good I manifest miracles so often that I have become blazé about them but I don’t want to become so blasé I forget to be grateful for all the amazing things that have happened or I have acquired.

Another thing is my vision board looks a bit bare because I remove a picture once it has manifested so I need to fill all those blank spaces !!! How exciting Is that ? –  but this time I am going to fill it with images of clean drinking water in Africa and the eradication of Ebola etc.

I hope you are experiencing many miracles in your life too !!