Unexpected Money Gratitude 


The other day I read in Pam Grouts blog about someone saying the affirmation “Unexpected money comes to me everyday ”

What have I got to lose I said to myself?

After a very luxurious Valentines weekend away being thoroughly spoilt I didn’t expect to be indulged any more but my partner had other plans and after starting to say the affirmation he lavished me with more gifts on an unplanned shopping trip.
It wasn’t physical money but I silently gave thanks for the unexpected money used to purchase these items.

I’ve read to receive more money be grateful even if it’s a penny and straight after I read about the affirmation I unexpectedly found a 2 pence lurking at the bottom of my bag.

I remembered to be grateful and have saved it as a reminder.

The other day I was having trouble contacting my broadband provider about a message I had received but remembered it said I needed to act before the end of February and as Feb draws to a close I was beginning to get slightly anxious.

Yesterday acknowledging the anxiety, I reminded myself there is a solution to every problem and that anxiety is harmful and to trust that everything will work out. I set a reminder in my calendar to alert me on my arrival home from work that this subject needed addressing.

The alert came and I set about sorting this issue. To cut a not very long story shorter I dealt with two extremely helpful assistants and even got money off my broadband package and free access to their sports TV channels for as long as I am receiving Broadband from them.

You might see that as ‘they do that anyway’ but to me this was unexpected money coming to me because I thought they we’re going to put the cost up.

I am very grateful and very happy and I am definitely going to keep saying the affirmation because I am certainly not losing anything and gaining a lot


Pink Elephant alert




I have a habit of waking up during the night and realise that I am thinking about subjects to do with my paid employment or it can become the first thing I think about as I start to rouse before I have even opened my eyes in the Am.

When I catch myself doing this I say to myself “Stop it, stop it, stop it !!!” but it doesn’t always work or I get off the subject and subconsciously find myself back on it again screaming to myself in my head ‘STOP IT !!!”

The other night on a particularly unusual sleepless night when I found myself thinking through a must do list in my head another thought popped in to my head that I am sure now Source placed there –  When someone says to you “DON”T think about pink elephants” you instantly picture a pink elephant.

So I thought about pink elephants and when my mind started to wonder back to work subjects I went back to the elephants but to keep my focus on the pink pachyderm’s I started to build a bizarre story in my head that the elephants were laying under royal blue trees with orange banana’s hanging from its branches.

It worked and I now use it to get me off the subject of work whenever I am not in my paid employment

so now when ever I find my mind wandering on to an unwanted subject I try to remind myself ASAP ‘Pink elephant alert’ and start making up stories about the pink long snouted guys and then I move it from partying pachyderm’s on to pleasurable subjects that I intend to manifest in to my physical reality and imagine that they already are.

Ain’t giving up on me

Recently I haven’t been myself. I have not felt like reading (my passion) or writing (my other passion). Most unlike me and I haven’t taken part in any of my daily inspirational rituals.

Yesterday I had an unexpected bad day and not wanting to repeat the process decided to listen to some inspiring material on my commute which reminded me to send love out to even the most difficult encounter.

The day was definitely much more enjoyable than the previous affair and reading some articles later in the day one made a light bulb go Ping above my head.

Since learning of The Law of Attraction in 2010 I may not physically be living the life of my dreams (yet) but having bad days are extremely rare and feel so uncomfortable now they are not something I want to repeat in a hurry and so rare I can’t remember the last time I had one which Pre reading ‘The Secret’ / LOA was the exact opposite when nearly every day felt like a bad day and the good days were rare and life was so overwhelming many many times I felt ‘I Give Up’

But now …. Thanks to learning about the concepts of The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics-

I might not be where I hope to be but I ain’t giving up on me.