Month: January 2015

  • ARK’s

      I love Tom Shadyak’s film Evan Almighty and I love when Morgan Freeman spells ARK and he asks “how do we change the world? One Act of Random Kindness at a time. My partners now picking up on the negative news vibe and doesn’t want to listen to it or Politicians trying to buy […]

  • When the going get’s tough

    He maybe controversial, you may not even know who he is but when I listen to this clip it always brings me home – inside. Conor McGregor is the new big thing in MMA UFC Fighting. The following clip I accidentally clicked on when I was not in a very good place but clicked and […]

  • Blog Post Challenge

    The other day I was thinking of how my blog posts were becoming more and more infrequent and my dream life seems to be slipping away. Well I think slipping away is the wrong phrase but the vision is a little foggy instead of crystal clear and then I spot something on Facebook that s […]

  • All We Need is Love

    I haven’t been able to blog for a while or feel inspired too in truth but the main preoccupation of my thoughts are not the atrocities of Charlie Hebdo magazine but how people have reacted to it. Yesterday I saw an article with tips about the Law of Attraction. To be honest it was nothing […]