The Beauty Illusion – Love Yourself Please !


I have to admit I haven’t ever finished reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz but what I have read I can totally relate to and one day I promise myself I will complete it and recommend it to everyone.

I was born with a serious bowl condition that was so serious that it only came to light when it killed me at 6 weeks old. Yes it actually made my heart stop. As with everyone The Law of Attraction was working in my life before I ever knew it existed. My mum is religious and tells me the tale how the doctor came to tell her that he had never known a female child ever survive of my condition and suggested to call the minister. I was Christened on the operating table. My heart stopped during the operation and as my Mum (bless her) sat in the corridor alone she prayed and says at that point she felt a calmness come over her and the energy in the corridor changed and she knew then with 100% Faith that I would be OK and with that she heard me cry.

I like the imagines that I have seen recently where people have been wearing things like their colostomy bags loud and proud for the world to see and it makes me want to shout “Hallelujah” because since that operation I have worn a large scar on my abdomen loud and proud because every time I see it reminds me how short my life could have been and am grateful for so many things I have been able to experience since that date.

However as a teen I was very, very close to taking my own life from the emotional pain of bullying. I felt physically sick at the thought of going to school and being constantly reminded how ugly I was but again thankfully LOA stepped in. I was already considering and planning how I could end the pain when a series of events went into action. Thinking back, again without knowing the power of the Universe I think I gave it a ultimatium something like “You need to do something quick to stop this pain or I’m outta here !”

Last night I learnt of the book “The Cosmic Ordering Service” by the late Barbel Mohr and I realise now I had put in a Cosmic Order and I wasn’t let down.

The outcome was, to try to make it short our new family dentist sent me to a specialist puzzled by my unusually high tooth decay after their tests hadn’t identified the reason. Further tests found facial defects internally and this specialist had just pioneered some facial corrective surgery and asked if I was willing to try? Before the actually surgery I underwent 2 years preparational orthodontic treatment and eventually at 16 had a 9 and half hour operation however my life changed the minute I knew I was going to have the operation and the bully’s never bothered me again. I don’t mean I necessarily stopped being bullied but I didn’t let it affect me any more.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon and his book is about how he noticed the difference in some of his patients after surgery however for some of his patients it had no effect what so ever and this interested him. For me both of my Operations changed my out look on life and one changed my life two years before it even happened and that’s why I relate to Maxwell’s material.

This morning I came across this article accidentally about photo-shopping:

It is so sad that there are so many cases of eating disorders but even the article says that photo shopped images are not necessarily to blame because an individuals attitude towards the images contributes but this YouTube link contained in the article still shocked me what they actually do.

My current favourite car dancing tune is Meghan Trainer – All About The Base. But as well as loving the tune I love the message and it makes me love myself even more. I actually celebrate my curves as I bop along to the lyrics and I have downloaded it. Maybe it will be my new morning ‘Happy’ song but not just yet because Nina Simone “Feeling Good” is currently on the agenda for tomorrow.

I have already blogged that I recently came across the book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends” on It by Kamal Ravikant and say “I Love Myself” over and over again as many times as I can physically remember to do it so if YOU aren’t loving your self say “I Love Myself, I Love Myself” NOW or by the books I mentioned because today’s media’s beauty is all an illusion and your are already Beautiful

Happiness is an Inside Job



Years ago in Britain there was an advert for some sweets that challenged you not to chew them claiming it was impossible to eat one of the juicy, fruity treats without chewy it.

In Pam Grouts new book E:Cubed part of the first experiment suggests putting on some happy music first thing in the morning. I have done this but not wanting to wake my partner I sneak into the bathroom with my iPhone and some headphones I keep next the bed and dance like a loon to Pharrell Williams “Happy”.

The other day as I drove to work I heard a song on the radio that I hadn’t heard for a long time as the only time I have ever heard it was in the film “Beatlejuice” so I downloaded it to listen to any time I want.

This morning (Saturday) and my partner already gone to work. Instinct made me leap out of bed and play this song as I made the bed.

Like the sweety challenge I defy you to listen to this song and not at least tap your toe.

The other night I watched a program about Happiness in Britain. The prequel to this was they were discussing it on the local evening news and asking people to Tweet etc in their thoughts.

One person tweeted how they find it ridiculous and impossible to be happy and relaid a catalogue of negative issues they had been dealing with while another listed all the things they were grateful for like, family, home etc.

Abraham Hicks says if we give our attention to something for as little as 17 seconds its is already offering a vibration and Law of Attraction kicks in. If you give something your attention for 17 seconds and another within as little as 68 seconds it can show up in your experience.

So for the person who was obviously focused on negative issues predominately of course they were going to think happiness is ridiculous but they could turn their whole life around in 68 seconds and a happy song is a lot longer than that so we ALL have the opportunity to turn our whole lives around in the time it takes to play one track.

The other day I read something the Dalai Lama said that Happiness is an inside job. I couldn’t agree more but so many of us rely on outside situations to make us happy but when in reality we can create happiness regardless of outside appearances.

So I dare you “Jump in the Line” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Ship hasn’t sailed !!!



Over the last couple days I have heard/read two people who both state that there are never-ending possibilities despite us human beings thinking we miss opportunities, that our ship has sailed, we missed the boat but they both separately and systematically said there is ALWAYS another boat, and another and another. Every artificial minute of every artificial day …. being that time doesn’t exist and we invented it. So of course there is going to be limitless opportunities and unlimited possibilities as it is all happening right NOW.

They both said every single second, 24/7 we are being guided and actually both used the same terminology and said our job is to look for the bread crumbs laid out for us. Follow those little nudges from the Universe, listen to our intuition, acknowledge those synchronistic events that make you go “Woah, that’s spooky”. They are leading us where we want to be.

As I recalled this fact of 24/7 messages are coming our way, breadcrumbs are being laid down for us I looked around my working environment and thought ‘what breadcrumbs are here for me now?’ and with that I picked up a label that part of its ID code was LOA (Law of Attraction).

My working day was nearly done and a short time later I am kicking back on my sofa with evening meal on my lap and decide to watch a Catch-up program from the planner and one of the conversations on the TV was with Sir David Attenborough and as I looked up at the TV and said to my partner “What a wonderful life he has had” the TV presenter said “But you weren’t originally the person to present the program were you?” Sir David replied “No not at all, the person who was meant to present it got really ill about a week before the program and they said you’ll have to do it.” There’s synchronicity for you.

My current world view may not be exactly as I envisage .. Yet!!  but knowing there are new boats sailing into my harbour every minute and bread crumbs with my name on them waiting to be picked up makes every morning a far more exciting prospect of potential miracles waiting to happen.


I wrote this post really quickly and meant to write something about synchronicity and Carl Yung and then forgot. Think the Universe was trying to tell me something when I saw this picture later


FP your showing off now



I am currently part-taking in Experiment #1 ‘The Boogie-Woogie Corollary’ in Pam Grout’s new book E:Cubed which briefly involves Game 1: start the day on a happy track, pump the sky in glee, pretend to be a Latin American soccer player scoring a goal and do the Harlem Shuffle and salute the sun. Game 2: Ask for your own personal cosmic joke and game 3: Be grateful for everything.

I always aim to be grateful for everything and since I have recently returned from a lovely holiday I am re-appreciating how lucky I am for the life partner I have and I told them that fact last night.

Unexpectedly I was woken by my partner with breakfast in bed and when they opened the blinds I could see what a beautiful morning it was. Celebrate the sun !!!

This reminded me to start the day with a happy track and the happiest track I could think of was ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams followed by ‘Jump in the Line’ by Harry Belafonte which made me do my Latin American Harlem Shuffle whilst still in bed !!

My busy Sunday involved finding my iPhone 5 box because I admit it, I am a geek freak and have upgraded to a 6, buy some PC speakers for work and get the car cleaned.

I looked on-line for PC speakers and then decided to route around in the attic before I had a shower. I was failing miserably to find the phone box and just as I was about to give up I saw a carrier bag catching my eye that said “Look inside me !!” …………………. no I didn’t find the phone box but I found some PC speakers that I never knew I even had ?!! Oh my goodness Universe you are good !! Cosmic Joke.

But the Universe as I call it or the FP (Field of Potentiality as Pam calls it)  hadn’t stopped there, it was on  a role.

Since we have returned from our holiday we have noticed the cloth roof of our car is looking greenish and slightly mildewy. Prior to going to the car wash I looked on-line at ways of removing it. Various products were recommended and intended to purchase on my return because following manufacturing guidelines I don’t let the car wash guys clean it.

At the car wash one of the employees was unusually friendly and commented at the end of the wash that I would need to do something about the roof soon. To try to cut a long story shortish I mentioned the manufacturer guidelines and my on-line search and he asked what I had found he then asked did I have some extra time and went inside and found some special product and gave my car roof his undivided attention for another half an hour and asked if I could return next week where he would check if it needed another and then put a special protector on it and when I went to pay he didn’t even charge me any extra .. obviously I was very grateful for this unexpected little miracle and tipped him accordingly as he has saved me money, time and effort. Boy FP your good but just to put the icing on the cake …………………

We decided to travel out to a local restaurant for our evening meal to end the weekend and previously I had been catching up on Pam Grouts blog where I read a guest post of someone who had done the Red Pill Corollary which involved hearing one of your favourite teenage songs. The guest poster had explained they loved Prince (who doesn’t) and how she heard “Raspberry Beret” her actual fave Prince song. As we got in the car the DJ came on the radio and said “Next up we have Raspberry Beret by Prince”.

Well now FP only one Cosmic Joke was required. I think you are just plain showing off now !!!!!

Feeling a bit Woo Woo !!

IMG_5343 (1)


It’s been a long time since I have blogged because I have been lucky enough to have recently spent two long leisurely weeks on a Greek Island.

On the Plane out I eagerly started reading Pam Grouts new book E:Cubed that I had stifled myself from reading, saving it for my holiday but as soon as I landed all thoughts of it evaporated. I did makes some notes to myself on the plane that my first readings provoked but they too were lost in the mist of Cosmo’s and Kleftiko and on my return it has been quite a struggle to reconnect with my Pre-holiday self ….. but maybe I Am not meant too ………………….. maybe she has gone ??????????

I have been starting to reconnect with some of my newly forged habits, like listening to YouTube video’s on the way to work and reading Inspirational Fact instead of fiction but the content is slightly different.

Early on in the holiday I was laying on a sun bed when I had a strange feeling. I started to perceive people’s energy fields that were lying around me. Surrounding by all these new strangers (in physical form) I could sense who emanated a good/positive/negative/aggressive vibe. Despite various alien languages to me the tones of their voices or conversation appeared to confirm the feeling of their energy.

I didn’t pursue this feeling, just purely acknowledged is existence but at the same time the experience never really left me. Sitting there quietly inside me saying “remember the time you could feel the people on the beach”.

When I got back and felt disconnected I asked the Universe in guidance of what I should do next and instinct said click on a certain YouTube video and via that Video clip I was introduced to Penney Piece who was discussing vibration and instinct etc. I didn’t get to finish listening to the video on that occasion but picked it up the next day and when it did finish I still had time available to listen to more material but without my glasses on I poked at the next video below and on came the familiar voice of Ester Hicks articulating Abraham.

Now back in 2010 when I learned of the Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks was my next big thing. I used to have a habit of visiting my favourite book store (pre Kindle and iPad) and locating myself in the Spiritual /Self Help Section and letting my eyes roam over the shelves and trust my instincts to highlight the books I needed to see and on one particular occasion for some reason I ignored my instincts until the book kept knocking on my door saying “Hello !! You Should read me” and it was “Ask and It is Given”.

I have listened to several Abraham-Hicks YouTube vids over the last few days as well as downloading various sample copies of Penney Pieces books and the advise I am getting is all about energy and vibration and linking in to it and our’s and keeping it high regardless of the situation.

At the weekend I was very anxious at returning to my current employment after being away from it for several weeks. I had a feeling of foreboding however I read recently but via whom it escapes me someone meeting a remarkable women whose mantra is three or two little words depending how you wish to pronunciate it , which are “It’s OK” so taking this when ever I have felt anxiety rise in me I repeat silently to myself “It’s OK”. I took something else from another book I read recently “Love yourself Like Your Life depends on it” by Kamal Ravikant via reading James Altucher’s book “Choose Yourself” and repeat “I Love Myself” over and over again when ever I feel self-deprecating thoughts. So armed with “It’s OK” and “I Love Myself” along with concentrating on keeping my vibration high regardless on the situation I have come out of my first week back at paid employment unscathed and actually on a high, so maybe my conscious efforts emanated a positive energy vibration from myself that touched others around me and they couldn’t help but replicate the same back to me.

What I am feeling now is slightly Woo Woo and an inner knowing that educating myself far more deeply than I have ever taken the time to do before on the subject of energy fields and our actual effects on it is the next stage in my physical evolution.