Feeling all tingly


I love spookies as I call them but they are really just evidence of the Law of Attraction in action. Some give me a knowing smile others make me go whoa !!

The other day I needed new red biros but only saw multi packs of various colours and didn’t want to buy a 10 pack of pens for the sake of two and the following day I am in a store with my partner and turn round to be faced by individual colour packs of biro’s. The Universe gave me my request less than 24 hours later.

Bear with me, it gets better.

This morning as I went to go to work I saw a book on the floor by the front door which was odd and usually I only read eBooks now but I picked the book up and seen it was a previously much-loved book by James Allen “As a Man Thinketh” and decided to pop it in my bag to take to work to have a read later. When I actually opened the book, there inside was a lottery ticket from 2005. I’ve just bought a book called ‘Blink – The Power of Thinking without Thinking’ so thinking without thinking I followed my instincts and went on-line and bought a lottery ticket using the numbers on the old ticket. There has to be some significance?

Telling a colleague I was definitely having some spooky incidents happening they relayed a situation that had happened only that day where they were talking with another colleague that what they needed with their coffee was a nice cake and shortly after this comment another member of staff arrived and gave them a box. Inside were two muffins as a customer had brought some in for the staff. Not a usual occurrence. This is a knowing smile, that’s the Law of Attraction in action love moment !!

Last year I came across a dream house and took a mental note of the estate agent, even requested the catalogue and joined email alerts. unfortunately the house was bought by someone else. The other day as I was deleting some junk emails I caught the first word of an email that struck me but to late it was gone. Later out and about I saw two estate agent signs of properties and then it hit me, that’s what that email was, it was from the estate agent that I had previously seen my dream house on. That day every turn I made there appeared to a property with this companies logo on it and then last night we went out to eat and headed to where we know the nearest car park was. Was being the operative word as it had been landscaped over and no longer existed. Plan B. I pointed out a side street to my partner that may have parking and it did indeed and our ideal parking spot was adjacent to ……………….. the estate agent that had been catching my awareness. Hmmmm what is the significance? Is my dream home ready to be made manifest?

The big whoa one made me cry, not good as I was driving at the time.

Last night my partner handed me his phone and said “do you think this is true, if so it’s amazing!” I read the Facebook post that he was forcing under my nose and read a story about twins separated at birth and one was thriving and one was struggling. Feeling desperate a nurse decided to break protocol and put the twins in the same crib and when they returned they saw the site above and the poorly twin started to thrive. I mentioned that it made sense as they had spent all that time growing together in the womb, it must have been dramatic being separated.

This morning I was picking a Youtube clip to listen to on the way to work and spotted one that caught my eye but then noticed it was three hours long and almost gave it a miss but something told me to listen anyway. As I got in to my commute the contributor started to tell a true story of twin girls separated at birth. I thought my heart would stop and tears welled up in my eyes. Whoa Universe you are so amazing !!


I wondered what the coincidence is of all these occurrences and reminded myself ‘There are no accidents’

I’d written the above and thought that was that and then as I was easy watching an evening TV magazine programme it contained a story of how a Nun who had no intention of being interviewed when the programme came to report an article was asked to be in the interview by a TV employee. She agreed and whilst being televised a very busy surgeon was watching the show and believed the Nun was suffering from a medical condition caused by a tumour. He felt compelled to email of his observation and the very Nun he was addressing picked up the email and emailed back. Long story shorter the Nun has had a life saving operation and is very  grateful to the sequence of events that led to this and when the reporter relaying the story asked what did the Nun think about this  series coincidences the Nun replied “The are no coincidences”.

I love observing miracles of life like this.

Strange, Sad, Odd !!

I Am intrigued and drawn attention wise to people who are to the majority of people seen as odd putting it politely.

Today I was watching a TV programme with one of these such people I love listening to on it and as it is a magazine programme it had various other guests. One of these such guests was there to discuss how finding theirselves in a challenging situation faced those challenges and I’m guessing instinct suggested Blogging about it. Because of the emotive subject the blog attracted lots of attention and subsequently has become a book, a newspaper column and other opportunities. The guest described themselves as a ‘Say Yes’ person however prior to this comment mentioned how they had turned down the option of making a movie on their life.

There was a gasp from the other assembled guests, the presenters and myself. They are entitled to make their own decisions but my interpretation was life was giving them opportunities that could be classed as reward for taking inspired action rather than rolling over and playing victim.

When the guest I Am drawn to listening too comes on to be interviewed despite being given miraculous opportunity after miraculous opportunity and appear to be going from strength to strength when questioned how one of these particular opportunities arose they talked of their own disbelief and one of the presenters picked up on this and spoke of how they presumed this person was full of self confidence and yet here they are talking themselves down and they replied ‘oh no this is a fecade, I am always thinking what I am going to do when all this all goes wrong’.

This crushed my soul a little. Here are two people who look they have so many opportunies and an amazing life but both of their speaks were full of self doubt, fear, self recrimination that they probably weren’t even aware of.

After the interview of the person I Am intrigued by I felt a little sad. Here was a person that I believed wore their oddness loud and proud and here they were with their enviable life showing their vulnerableness, yet still see to be doing something right to attract opportunities. Strange.

Two days ago I read in one book that people have ingrained beliefs that affect their wealth consciousness and suggested reading books of the subject of wealth for 30 minutes everyday and I liked this idea and faced with a few minutes to spare read some Wallace D Wattles “The Science of Gettng Rich” and was struck by the paragraphs that said that sustained consecutive thought is the hardest work in the world. To think according to appearances is easy. To think the truth regardless of appearances is laborious.

I Am currently filled with a committal of Faith that I Am always supported and my dreams will be made manifest despite current appearances.

While inspired to write this post the TV arts channel is on in the background and I heard a very popular successful musician being intervied and I heard the musician say they had a blind confidence in what they wanted to do and if they were being realistic and knew how the music industry really was like they did now they would have given up I then look up and see they are wearing a sweatshirt with word Faith on it


What’s happening around me !!

Feeling Grateful I Am one of the dry ones !!

Moorland and Burrowbridge are literally 2 and 9 miles from where I live.

Burrowmump at Burrowbridge is one of my favourite places on earth and feel very privileged that I can literally jump in my car be there in ten minutes.

Heartbreaking to see it like this and feel so much for the residents.





Easy peasy !!!


Today makes it all seem so simple !!

I re-listened to Oprah’s episode about ‘The Secret’ yesterday and two things stuck me 1) when you are in a crisis be grateful for it because we can be grateful for anything. Somewhere there is a gift inside. Say “Thank you for giving me this experience” Oprah added she usually asks “What is this experience trying to teach me”. This actually made being a difficult situation look like an adventure and 2) When Lisa Nichols told of a horrible situation she said she prayed that if God got her through her situation she would dedicate her life to serving. Oprah mentioned she has spent her life asking “How can I serve?”.

I used this today faced with difficult employed work situations along with being grateful as often as I can and reminding myself I am not alone and asking for guidance when faced with challenges and …………….

My day has gone effortlessly from that point forward.

It all feels effortless and simple and on the way home in my car feeling energised and grateful I instinctively felt grateful and asked “How can I serve?”

Big Cry Baby !!



Today has not been a comfortable day to go through and I have been doing my darndest to stay positive or look for the gifts wrapped in Sandpaper (as Lisa Nichols) would call them.

I work with a couple of people who are not pleasant (down right devious, there I’ve said it amongst other things) and appear to be made of Teflon.

Yesterday I copied something I saw online and aimed to put it into practice but today it was hard (Am I being tested?)

When you can look beneath their behavior that hurt you and you can see the frightened child – it becomes nearly impossible to be angry and carry a grudge.

I do have a little light on the horizon and I am playing all secret squirrel about it at the moment but I Am only in the first steps of setting it up, not in a position to say ‘Whatever, I’m out of here’ YET !!

Because of this I felt is it really worth looking for another job then I remembered listening to a Wayne Dyer video on YouTube the other day and Wayne explained how he admitted being anxious and humbled about doing a public television presentation and then he said he just released it as said “God Guide me”.

This part of the presentation came back into my mind when I was asking myself do I stay or do I go and I too said “God guide me” then immediately said Thank You – ask and it is given remember.

As I planned to leave for the day something held me up and I quickly went into an office to see a friendly colleague. These extra few unplanned minutes meant that I then excited the building at the very moment one of the Teflon people were un-incriminating themselves by incriminating me. I know I have nothing to worry about because judging what I heard I have the documentation to back myself up but it’s just so energy draining having to do so unnecessarily and then it hit me. Was I meant to see this? Is the thought and words ‘Energy Draining’ the message I needed to say time for a fresh start?

When I got home I decided my plan was to follow my instincts and find the best feeling thought and another and another to raise my energy.

I read recently by several authors all at once that whatever happens you owe it to yourself to look for the best feeling thought in any situationto keep your energy high. The Universe can’t bring miracles to you if your energy is low. I also remembered to remember we never know what the plan is so trust that this is all happening for a reason. That thought instantly made me feel better.

The next instinctive thought was to have a cup of coffee and some fruit and download some meditation apps I seen recommended in a magazine. Suitably calmed the next thought was to play the rest of the ‘Sex in The City’ episode that I recorded as we were leaving the house the other day. Now I have nothing against ‘Sex in The City’ but I have never been an avid follower but something made me decide to record the rest of the episode that just came on the TV as I was getting ready.

At the end it was all lovely and happy ending’s all round, Big came to Paris to find Carrie (get to see land marks of my two favorite cities, bonus all round) and then at the end instead of the normal sound track they played “You’ve got the Love” by ‘The Source’ Ft Candi Staton. I LOVE this track and have turned to it in the car on many occasions in the long and distant past but for some reason when I heard the first few lyrics I just burst into tears, uncontrollable tears but it wasn’t tears of sadness, it felt Goooooooddd !! A Source (boom boom) of release.

And so apt a song when earlier I had asked “God guide me !!