I Am a Funnel

Read the other day how networking now and in the future is more about shared beliefs, values and interests that build stronger, productive, relationships rather than just status and titles.

How refreshing a thought is this and it came across to me that it is also reassuring in a time we hear negative press about social network sites being responsible for things like teenage suicide and racism that such a positive movement can also be achieved by it that can, will and is creating a cultural shift in consciousness in the way we work together.

I love the new coke a cola advert that uses positive and negatives. It shows for each negative action there are hundreds if not thousands of positive things happening in the world.

I once planned to create a brand called Ali P Positive Art because during a college assignment and later with my finals in my degree I was the only one focusing on the positives in life. Be it spotting a lone beautiful poppy on a patch of waste land or seeing nature overcoming industrialisation and I had aimed to help others to take time to look for the positives in life every day like Eckhart Tolle advises to just experience.

I never followed through with Ali P Positive Art because of obstacles and the kind of person I was then (fearful and full of self doubt and lacking in confidence).

Yesterday I was actually listening to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey on Youtube, a series called A New Earth and I was particularly struck by something Eckhart referred to about people saying they are trying to work out their purpose or not knowing what their purpose is and Eckhart said he would prefer to think of it more like instead of finding their purpose, let their purpose come through them.

He also said it can take a long time for your purpose to come through you, it can take years.

I also found this refreshing. In this scenario I don’t have to look or feel wrong because I haven’t managed to find my purpose yet or something didn’t work out. Maybe it just wasn’t my time or my purpose.

I Am a funnel for my purpose.


Money Blogging ???

do-what-you-love-and-never-work-a-day-in-your-life (1)

Hmmmmmm might be a mistake but following Inspired Action !!!

Since starting my blog I have received contact from people and organisations sayings I can make money from my blog.

Is there anyone out there actually making money from their blog or can anyone recommend a way to or a reputable organisation ??

Please excuse my naivety.

I have no products, just my thoughts and observations of the miracle of the Universe at work and a book in the offing.

Have a wonderful inspirational day !!!!


Delicious Perfection – Thank you

photo 1

Currently I am setting up little reminders for the morning of things to do and todays was ‘look in attic for mobile phone case and Louise Hay Book “You Can Heal Your Life” as I have a current illness and a painful foot and I know deep down this is indicating some imbalance in my psyche showing up in my physicality plus re-read a certain Wayne W Dyer (my favorite of favoritious authors) book.

Last night I had this idea of how amazing it would be to write a book and have Hay House publish it but ‘Hay’ that is the ultimate of ultimate’s and they must get inundated with authors all with the same wish as me and seeing as I haven’t written my book yet – need to do a bit of work on this one !!!!!

I remembered reading a couple of books of people working out of Hay House that I had seen recommended on Facebook, the most memorable to me Pam Grout and the amazing “E-squared” and Anita Moorjani and “Dying to be Me” . I remembered reading how it was Wayne W Dyer that approached Anita and a synchronized series of events that had occurred after her NDE.

The other day I wrote a blog post that I was about to post which is below but decided to stop by in my emails first as I am awaiting a phone call and didn’t want my flow flawed and my jaw dropped.

The post was intended to be called ” A change in consciousness” and it was going to go like this – 

It’s not just a wish and a hope it’s a done deal

Often I marvel at the relationships in material I Am consuming at any one time. Either in their relationship to each other, my current thinking or in answer to a current question and I know and tell myself time after time I shouldn’t be surprised but I still love the deliciousness of it.
Recently I was having a light bulb ‘well hello girlfriend’ moment in how my own actions are corrupting the Universal Flow getting a chance to do its thang. My biggest fault re LOA is impatience.  In the impatience is the seed of doubt, lack of Faith and therefore negative belief that scuppers things manifesting but when I analysed it, it’s not always lack of Faith in a thing happening because I believe its going to happen. It’s more about being frustrated that it is not happening as quickly as I want which equally gives what ever I desire a huge big negativity bath. 
Because of this as I was going to bed I was saying an affirmation “I Am very grateful Universe that you ALWAYS manifest EVERYTHING I ever ask for in the correct time sequence” this affirmation was very calming and reassuring.
Whilst falling asleep I recalled a TV conversation I had  heard earlier in the day of a model who was earning a six figure sum at 16 and admitted earning £60,000 in an hour. I then thought about how  I read Jim Carey (according to Wikipedia is an advocate of The Law of Attraction) used to write himself $10,000,000 cheques and visualise himself being paid this amount for films and his first pay was for …. you can fill in the blanks. I thought about how musicians, artists, actors, writers etc  bring so much joy to our lives and get paid these large sums almost it seems for having the courage to follow their dreams and bring their gifts and how I too have every right to harbour my dreams, visualize on them and follow any Inspired Action that grips my gut.

Also earlier I had read a Pam Grout blog post and it had a guest YouTube tape by Dr Joe Dispenza about his daughters Ultimate Shopping Spree and felt it was so inspiring and I’d meditate the following morning on what I wanted to manifest most  predominantly however the following morning before even meditating on it I realised I already have an inner knowing that it is a done deal. “I know like I know like I know” and I don’t have to figure out how or when because the Universe knows the best time sequence and always delivers it far better than I could have ever imagined in such a way my head always spins but this time in a good way (not linked to my current illness). 

As previously mentioned I had a stop by to look in my emails and keep them clear. The only one I saved was an email that Pam Grout had posted on her blog, so I clicked on the link and followed through to Pam’s post.

The first thing was a quote from a course in miracles which was one of my 2014 daily rituals to read some ‘A Course in Miracles’ every day but it wasn’t just about the quote being from ACIM it was what the quote said. First jaw drop (but you’ll have to check out Pam Grouts blog for that). Then it featured a picture of Louse Hay. Second jaw drop. Hello? Then I revisited the title of the blog post because I hadn’t really checked it out as I just love reading Pam’s blog.

5 top reasons choosy inspirational authors choose Hay House

Third jaw drop.

In the first lines, well it just gets to spooky for words and I don’t want to rewrite the blog post but someone was referred to as saying when they recalled their job as an actor “Can you believe we get paid to do this?”. The post  mentions Wayne Dyer details how wonderful it is being part of Hay House publishing and how different it is compared to other publishing organizations and how couldn’t it be as the Brain child of the admirable Louise Hay then it mentions Louise’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”, the very book I had been scrambling around the attic for only hours earlier. It even closed with keeping channels open and be ready to receive.

The other day I listened to a recording by Earl Schoaff who said you can have anything you want but get specific and don’t even think about how or when and don’t keep digging it up but if you see anything that reminds you of what you have asked for just say “Thank You” and take it as a sign that it is on its way.




Maybe I Am crazy !!

I would like to earn money from writing and since starting my blog I have been contacted, liked and followed by people I thought liked my blog but naive me, just writing for happiness found that some of these people were offering me ‘possible’ business opportunities to make money on-line.

Maybe they are legit, maybe they are not?

Now I have found myself with an unexpected extended Christmas leave due to an illness starting on the 2nd of January and where able decided to utilize this extra time for projects personal to me however I underestimated how ill I actually was and barely able to move from my bed I was beginning to feel frustrated that I wasn’t able to maximise this time as planned and the plan was to read through the many emails I had been bombarded with from these potential business opportunities to see if they are viable.

Due to this amazing era we live in and something I Am very grateful for, I did/do have my iPad mini for company and sometimes listening to YouTube presentations was all I was able to manage to do.

During one of these something clicked in my head and reminded me that we should take ‘Inspired Action’ and it should feel effortless rather than ‘Action, Action’ which can be forced and just doing something mindlessly for action sake.

This has stuck with me over the last couple days as I have started to feel more human again and only do something when I feel it from the inside as authentic.

Last night I made a mini to do list and one of the things was to go through these emails but then I remembered I may be falling back into the ‘Action, Action’ trap again so changed my to ‘do list’ to meditate and follow any ‘Inspired Action’ that comes up.

Well  I still went into my emails but whilst filtering through them and feeling over-whelmed I had ‘Inspired Action’ to delete every single email in my inbox. Make a clean slate and trust that more ‘Inspired Action’ would arrive and lead me in the right direction I need to follow.


Maybe I Am crazy but it feels good.

2014 Curve ball for the better

Whoa we’ll 2014 didn’t start how I expected but reviewing the first few days it’s not looking so bad. On New Years Eve I saw this picture and thought I Am having some of that.

photo (3)

I decided to take daily action and build little rituals and document them. I feel I Am making progress. I truly honestly believe my life has changed for the better already but in areas I never expected when I saw that picture.

2013 ME felt deep down that the only way my life could work the way I wanted it too was to be single.

I Planned to do some work over the holidays but not a lot got done then on January second unexpectedly I took ill in the early hours of the morning. So ill I literally couldn’t get out of bed because I felt so sick every-time I moved. I was totally gutted as we had just taken possession of a new sexy car on New Year’s Eve and the 2nd was my first opportunity to drive it on my own and feel freedom again.

As I succumbed to illness I poked at YouTube on my iPad and plugged into some earphones to listen to a presentation by Tony Robbins (He is my new big thing) so seeing his face on ‘what to watch’ I poked at it and thought that will do.

OMG !! That presentation was so unlike anything I’d watched or listened to before but the Universe knew what it was doing. It featured a lady who talked of many hardships and also a frustration at her husband. Tony helped her turn around her perceptions especially towards her husband and give an insight to male and female thinking in a way that the revelation light bulb started to flicker above my sickbed and also made me think how I was perceiving, interpreting and blaming my partner for things that were not his fault and for the first time in ages I could see all that is good about him and accept him unconditionally.

I could see it was only MY  subconscious expectations and perceptions of him that echoed back to me what I believed him to be like, so like other areas of the Law of Attraction what we focus on we receive but I only really was thinking about this in relation to objects and expectations of myself. Wow wake up call.

I see quotes on Facebook for instance about not letting negative people drag you down and sometimes you have to leave people behind but I also read  “Change the way we think about things and the things we think about will change” but I literally and honestly hands up hadn’t even considered this in the state of my relationship because I thought I wasn’t capable of changing a person.

Of course my partner is totally oblivious to all of this but I swear the atmosphere and energy in our home and our relationship had shifted before he even re-entered our home that night and I want to thank Mr Tony Robbins for literally changing my life. I love my partner with renewed impetuous and I see a future again that we both share together and what ever journeys I take, because I will keep taking action will be from my point of view, together.