Month: January 2014

  • I Am a Funnel

    Read the other day how networking now and in the future is more about shared beliefs, values and interests that build stronger, productive, relationships rather than just status and titles. How refreshing a thought is this and it came across to me that it is also reassuring in a time we hear negative press about […]

  • Money Blogging ???

    Hmmmmmm might be a mistake but following Inspired Action !!! Since starting my blog I have received contact from people and organisations sayings I can make money from my blog. Is there anyone out there actually making money from their blog or can anyone recommend a way to or a reputable organisation ?? Please excuse my naivety. I […]

  • Delicious Perfection – Thank you

    Currently I am setting up little reminders for the morning of things to do and todays was ‘look in attic for mobile phone case and Louise Hay Book “You Can Heal Your Life” as I have a current illness and a painful foot and I know deep down this is indicating some imbalance in my psyche showing up in […]

  • Maybe I Am crazy !!

    I would like to earn money from writing and since starting my blog I have been contacted, liked and followed by people I thought liked my blog but naive me, just writing for happiness found that some of these people were offering me ‘possible’ business opportunities to make money on-line. Maybe they are legit, maybe they […]

  • 2014 Curve ball for the better

    Whoa we’ll 2014 didn’t start how I expected but reviewing the first few days it’s not looking so bad. On New Years Eve I saw this picture and thought I Am having some of that. I decided to take daily action and build little rituals and document them. I feel I Am making progress. I truly […]