2014 Curve ball for the better

Whoa we’ll 2014 didn’t start how I expected but reviewing the first few days it’s not looking so bad. On New Years Eve I saw this picture and thought I Am having some of that.

photo (3)

I decided to take daily action and build little rituals and document them. I feel I Am making progress. I truly honestly believe my life has changed for the better already but in areas I never expected when I saw that picture.

2013 ME felt deep down that the only way my life could work the way I wanted it too was to be single.

I Planned to do some work over the holidays but not a lot got done then on January second unexpectedly I took ill in the early hours of the morning. So ill I literally couldn’t get out of bed because I felt so sick every-time I moved. I was totally gutted as we had just taken possession of a new sexy car on New Year’s Eve and the 2nd was my first opportunity to drive it on my own and feel freedom again.

As I succumbed to illness I poked at YouTube on my iPad and plugged into some earphones to listen to a presentation by Tony Robbins (He is my new big thing) so seeing his face on ‘what to watch’ I poked at it and thought that will do.

OMG !! That presentation was so unlike anything I’d watched or listened to before but the Universe knew what it was doing. It featured a lady who talked of many hardships and also a frustration at her husband. Tony helped her turn around her perceptions especially towards her husband and give an insight to male and female thinking in a way that the revelation light bulb started to flicker above my sickbed and also made me think how I was perceiving, interpreting and blaming my partner for things that were not his fault and for the first time in ages I could see all that is good about him and accept him unconditionally.

I could see it was only MY  subconscious expectations and perceptions of him that echoed back to me what I believed him to be like, so like other areas of the Law of Attraction what we focus on we receive but I only really was thinking about this in relation to objects and expectations of myself. Wow wake up call.

I see quotes on Facebook for instance about not letting negative people drag you down and sometimes you have to leave people behind but I also read  “Change the way we think about things and the things we think about will change” but I literally and honestly hands up hadn’t even considered this in the state of my relationship because I thought I wasn’t capable of changing a person.

Of course my partner is totally oblivious to all of this but I swear the atmosphere and energy in our home and our relationship had shifted before he even re-entered our home that night and I want to thank Mr Tony Robbins for literally changing my life. I love my partner with renewed impetuous and I see a future again that we both share together and what ever journeys I take, because I will keep taking action will be from my point of view, together.


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