Divine Storm

I have been feeling a bit AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! Lately. Like stop the world I want to get off for a bit. Sit the next few plays out.

Life has been so busy there is not enough ME time. Don’t get me wrong some of the busy is good busy. Going to local city to see one of my favourite comedian and laugh so much I actually pulled a muscle. An impromptu weekend away which was most enjoyable and a last minute text that meant I spent all day with my two amazing daughters and don’t get me wrong I know how truly blessed I am compared to what the terrible situation the people in the Philippines are going through but writing is who I Am, it is my bliss and there just doesn’t seem hardly any time to feel my bliss and write/blog.

I have had time to come across Neville Goddard and done the usual obsessive thing of creating a tick list of his books I desire and ticking the ones I have downloaded.

I have set myself a little project to Imagine certain things REAL.

I even listened to recordings on Youtube from my phone instead of music whilst updating filing/ Matrix system in work.

And today my long-awaited new Rhonda Byrne book ‘HERO’ was downloaded from Pre-Order and I nabbed a break and read a couple of pages and in the first few pages the analogy “Divine Storm” describing a very uncomfortable period in someone’s life. It struck a Chord with me. Knowing in hindsight every difficult period always makes us stronger people, enhances our knowledge and usually can be a pinnacle that we can’t go back from in some shape or form and molds a better future made me think, maybe I Am not in the circumstances I wish to be in and feel I Am not getting sufficient time to do the mental work to change this, a more beneficial way to regard this period is as a ‘Divine Storm’ whilst in it – because like most storms they only last a short period and then there is usually an amazing rainbow and brilliant sunshine once it’s passed.

Not much time to observe or be aware of LOA at work but I have seen subtle nuances that have made me think ‘Ahh Cheers Universe, I know that was you !!” but the best one was when I thought as soon as I get a chance I will go on-line and find how I could donate money to the Philippines. Just as I sat down something flashed up on my phone and it was a new email from Pay-pal that you could use to donate money to the Disaster Emergency Committee. Effortless and Painless, big mega Cheers Universe, you are so clever !!!!!!!!!!!

If you wish to do the same please find attached the link


https://paypal. dec.org.uk/


Flat Liner

Decided to read an article about Paul Potts in a magazine . They asked him who his inspiration is and he said Maya Angelou. There was a picture of her in an inset, she appeared familiar but I wasn’t aware of her or her work.

Shortly after I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this

photo (14)

I have never seen a post by her before, I just read an article where she was mentioned and minutes later the above appears.

This week has been a flat liner in the form of motivation and inspiration. I have been strong in the face of adversity and faithful to my beliefs when mocked but it’s been pretty uneventful. Maybe I Am crazy but I felt this coincidence was a message from the Universe saying “I know not much is happening but remember, I Am always here even when you think I’ve forgotten you”


Manafactured Happiness

In the practice of “Growing a Greater me” (See Greg Kuhn books) and from advise from many, many, many books I have read, when I wake before I even open my eyes or even contemplate getting out of bed I say things (in my head) like ‘Today is going to be the best day of my life’ or ‘Thank you for such and amazing day’. I also give thanks for random things that pop in my head but another practice I have been doing more and more is sending LOVE out into the Universe particular anyone that tends to make my life more complicated than it needs be. Instead of getting frustrated or anxious about them or my day, I send the particular individuals LOVE, then everyone, then everything, trees, birds, plants etc and then the whole flipping Universe and talking of flipping, if my friends and family read this they would think I’ve flipped, but do I care?
Do I flipping eck’s as  like !! (English colloquialism meaning NO !!”)
Shortly after claiming today is the best day of my life as I snoozed the alarm on my phone I caught sight of an email saying good news about my lottery ticket, so there you go see not even stepped out of bed and it’s great. However my partner on the other hand sat on the edge of the bed and mumbled about how much he hated having to get out of bed. Me in my secret happiness (not knowing if we were millionaires, but being grateful if it was £2) said “That’s not very half glass full from Mr always Half glass full type of person” he replied “I don’t feel like being a half glass full person today”. Whilst he was in the bathroom and deciding not to be deterred from my happiness I went to my music player on my phone and found Nina Simone “Feeling Good” and pressed play. He poked his head out of the bathroom and looked around for the sound and shook his head at me in mock? disapproval as I made the bed ‘Happily’ but as the tunes continued to play his mood improved and made me laugh hysterically with his dancing to Curtis Mayfield ‘Move on Up‘ and he left the house in a decidedly better mood than when he woke.

The other day I came across the statement ‘Damaged Souls’ and I thought, NO soul is damaged, all souls are perfect, there are only ‘Disconnected Souls’. This helped me with people I found challenging. To look at them differently, know that behind the disconnectedness their formless part, the real, largest part of them, the 99.99% of who they and we ALL are is perfect. 

Earlier I read a bit of Wayne DyerYou’ll See it When You Believe IT” (revisiting old material) about some suggestions for personal transformation and the first recommendation was – Try to see yourself and others in formless ways and another suggestion was – Observe how others destroy their potential for happiness and success because they identify exclusively with their form. Completely reiterating my feelings the other day. 

When I came home I saw a perfect example of this and thought how or I wish I could help this person. They are having a really unpleasant time at the moment which they are cataloging on Face book day after day, and day after day the negative situations are snowballing as they focus only on these unpleasant events, they are completely unaware in line with The Law of Attraction they are self perpetuating their own circumstances. I honestly don’t know I could help as I feel they would not accept this if I spelt it out to them, so my only action at present was to post positive quotes via my wall in hope that they will be struck by one, or more.


I then saw a long post by the formidable Wayne Dyer about a book he had recently ‘Felt’ and been invited to write the forward too. I have blatantly what would be in Face book terms, Fraped the post but it related so much to my mood. The book is called “Nurturing Healing Love” http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/140194423X/hayhousecom-20 but as it stated in the post that a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause I Am sure he won’t mind. This quote from Jesus struck me: “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”
Thinking about it I ‘FEEL’ so much better with my life as is stands today via always aiming to ‘Grow a better ME !!’ and sending LOVE where there could be darkness. Sometimes you have to just manufacture your own happiness and in the words of  Saint Francis of Assisi via Wayne Dyer in his amazing Face book post “Where there is darkness, let me bring light.”