Freaky Friday

Marvellous Monday, Tremendous Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Phenomenal Thursday (OK I know it doesn’t start with a T but it rhymes) Freaky Friday and so it continues Sensational Saturday

The other day sat at a Red stop light (where Wayne Dyer says you can meditate and I’ve been trying) I gave myself a mental pat on the back for the fact that changing my thoughts and therefore my beliefs is becoming a daily practice something I realized when I first read The Secret was where I was going wrong. The type of mental work I am doing it not consistent as in, it’s not a religious daily practice of certain behaviours but there is daily practice of something. Usually last thing at night and first thing in the morning before rising, spattered with what ever randomness that is going on in my head during the day.

Over recent weeks seeing ourselves as physical tuning forks vibrating at a certain frequency depending on our thoughts and therefore hitting likewise vibrating circumstances that we draw to ourselves via those thoughts has been resonating with me (boom boom !!) I even made a picture of tuning forks as my laptop wallpaper to remind me to keep my thoughts good.

“As a man thinketh, in his heart so is he”

                                                                                                            by James Allen


Last week I blogged that I had allowed myself to fall into an overwhelming negative situation at work and how brilliant it felt to say “stop” and take action. Now it has come into my awareness I have taken responsibility for it. I have taken responsibility that I needed to change my thoughts for a more desirable set of circumstances and respect myself so I have been affirming in my head that “I Am a worthy person and deserve respect”. I have also been drawn to revisit old material I had read in the early days of discovery The Law of Attraction/Quantum Field. This week it was “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I Am only a few days in but something else that resonated with me was that we were/are meant to live joyous lives so I have also affirming “I Am living Joy” as frequently as I can remember and when faced with a situation or person that makes my belly role (Fear, Anxiety and Doubt your fired remember) I reaffirm it.

Well !!! ………………………………………………………………………….

A member of staff who thought last week could use me as his bitching board sent me a very nice unexpected email offering support to arrange some training I Am putting into place. (Good feeling inside).

For some random reason thought about a boy I recently Inducted who I had to let go because the job was not for him and I hoped he was alright and the next day he was in the bank and he went out of his way to say hello and gave me a beautiful smile so I Am guessing he’s OK and doing well. (Good Feeling).

Stunning morning driving to work but windscreen/shield unexpectedly misted up and I drove badly as I manically tried to see and find the demister button at the same time to be faced with my neighbour who I nearly drove into. Feeling bad I hoped I’d have the opportunity to apologize for poor driving skills and later coming home popped in local shop to pick up some milk and the neighbours were going in also. apology made (Felt better).

Unexpectedly a colleague I normally get on with came into the office and spoke to me in a disrespectful way and instantly and effortlessly words fell out of my mouth that weren’t in an aggressive manner but letting them know in any uncertain terms .. you don’t speak to me like that. The situation could have been one of those that turn me into the subdividing cell again but I knew I’d had done everything correctly and I will not be pulled away from my task in hand because of a failure of communication on other peoples parts. My instincts told me to approach the over seeing manager for advise instead of acting irrationally. Now this person, shall I say has not a favourable reputation with other members of staff but labels aside my gut said discuss it with them and I did. This person said leave it with them and a short time later the disrespectful colleague came back and said “apparently I have upset you, I haven’t upset you have I?” and I replied honestly “Yes actually you did” They explained the stress they were under and the lack of communication they had experienced but I pointed out that none of that was my fault and that I appreciated the situation they were in but that didn’t give them the right to take it out on me. I emailed the Manager and thanked them for their help in this matter (It felt good).

In my personal relationship my opinion has felt undervalued by comments my partner has been making and last night a conversation ensued whereby I was able to point out in a non hostile situation these recent comments, that when harboured had made me feel bad and resentful and when expressed as not acceptable – felt good.

The strange thing is the way I conducted myself in these above situations when the circumstances came about happened in a subconscious way that appeared to fall out of me as if directed by the non-physical part of me, that I know inherently was simply by making the decision to change my thoughts, setting some personal boundaries and saying a few affirmations in my head. It indicates to me the immense personal power we truly do have at our fingertips and to Freakishly confirm this another set of circumstances literally made me go “Whoa !! wait a minute”:

I Am a complete book whore, I admit it and have admitted it before. I jump from one text to another all week long and another thing that has resonated with me along with ‘Ask and it is Given/ Ask, believe, Receive’ and tuning forks is the quote from the bible “I Am that I Am and that some conformist religions of which I Am not a fan as I have previously blogged I cannot feel comfortable with a belief in a God that judges and segregates and yesterday (Friday) I had a meeting with a colleague over a couple issues that had come up during the week to discuss there completion. When I first went to work at this company seeing this persons name on the Company Structure did make my stomach role slightly as they were the only name I recognized and they did have a bit of a hard man reputation but as it turns out, perfect example of not putting ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ labels on things we probably have the closest working relationship, has been the most supportive and have has some freaky conversations over my period with the company (one that instigated me to buy them a copy of Anita Moorjani’s book – ‘Dying to be Me’). The meeting went off on a bit of a tangent about different cultural and belief systems within the various nationalities within our company and his own wife’s religious beliefs and again misinterpretation of scriptures. So I said funny you should say that, I’ve been reading about that recently and the phase “I Am that I Am “ and that it is actually saying that we are equally capable of anything Jesus is said to have done but religious misinterpretation has lead us to, in some cases to create and  follow a judgemental man like image of God then later when I got home I was finding it difficult to concentrate so decided to go on-line to find something to listen to, to relax. First I see a post by Ricky Gervais (‘Derek’ – best bit of TV writing, in my eyes ever)

then I just randomly click on a post in the recommended for you list on You-tube and watch this.

Well after that, there is no mistaking that I Am one big mass of vibrational energy because every molecule of my physical being was vibrating.

Little LOA’s


Broke a dish and thought ‘I need a box to put that broken glass in’. A few minutes later walking downstairs and something sticking out from under the stairs catches my eye. A box of the perfect size. 

Watching ‘Strictly come Dancing’ and am having a conversation about a professional dancer who appears to be a very good choreographer. I explain that he has previously won the competition with his now personal partner but for the life of me couldn’t remember her name. The next morning come down stairs and she is on the TV program currently showing.

Leave the house to go to a Christening at exactly the same time as our new neighbour who appeared to be wearing a uniform and leaving for work. After the Christening we are invited to a village pub come restaurant for a meal. My partner informs me that he has just spotted out neighbour waiting tables. Out of all the venues etc etc.

I recently wrote in a previous blog about Ask, Believe, Receive theory and I have noticed that Ask, Believe, Receive has been coming into my awareness a lot recently and it made me think of the book “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks and how it kept tapping on my door and it took about three times until I thought ‘OK I’ve got the message’ and bought the book then yesterday I am reading a book that talked about it usually takes about three times before somebody acts on something then I read of a advised exercise in the same book and the author explains that the exercise was taken from ………… the Jerry and Esther Hicks book …… you guessed it !!!

Are there 7 billion different Universes plus?

Are the Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) judges proof of ultimate Universes?

The other day I considered, could my actual energy affect the physical world by my experiences I Am currently having or Am I actually just viewing my own personal individual physical world because of my current situations?

Sometimes because of my attitude to trust in the Universe, that things will always work out/get done (always has in the past) I Am guilty of from time to time letting things run away with me and not noticing I need to say “Stop …… Hammer time !!” But last Monday I threw my hands up (metaphorically) and said “that’s it, enough is enough!!” I emailed my boss requesting a chat as I felt like a subdividing embryo, first split in two, then four now six.

He agreed to a meeting on the Wednesday and on Wednesday driving to work the weather was miserable. Katy Perry song ‘Roar’ came on the car stereo which was uplifting and very apt because I was defiantly not going to bite my tongue and hold my breath. With my new determination to abolish ‘Fear’ ‘Doubt’ and ‘Anxiety’ and have total trust in the Infinite Field I would be brutally honest and what would be would be but subsequently everything would be OK.

 The meeting actually went amazingly well, my Line Manger was unexpectedly intuitive, hugely supportive and extremely proactive and I felt liberated and physically lighter for sharing the load.

As I left work the dreadful weather had transformed into an incredible evening with an unusual luminosity. Colours stood out from all sorts of nature that looked like it was physically shimmering and vibrating. That’s when it hit me. Could my mood have had a physical effect on my surrounding weather system or another thought could it just be me seeing dreadful weather prior to the meeting then a stunning weather after, echoing my physical feelings?

Could there in fact be actually over 7 billion different Universes being experienced all at the same time even if several people were in very close proximity? Could they, we all being seeing, feeling, experiencing something completely different? Even weather wise?

Lazy Saturday night in, take away and Prime-time TV. Not expecting anything taxing, just chillin enjoying light hearted entertainment and then ‘Bam!’ I may have evidence that Yes there are over 7 million different universe on earth alone. We had just watched what we felt was an enjoyable dance and one of the judges slates it. Then one of the other judges says “I don’t know what dance you were watching but I thought it was great, it had this, it had that …” Then I witnessed dance after dance whereby the judges (including us at home) appeared to be seeing different things (universes) and all at the same time.

 Via reading Greg Kuhn I have read several times an ancient philosophical question “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?”  and Greg states (and I hope he doesn’t mind me referring to him?) The answer to this question is, that if there is no one there, there is no forest at all and honestly I do struggle to get my head around this but now my personal physical experiences have brought me closer to understanding this analogy.



Quantum Man

Yesterday I was highly honoured to be connected to the amazingly wise Greg Kuhn. You could do a lot worse than check out Greg’s “Why Quantum Physicists” … series of books, all available on Amazon. He writes in a way no other author I have ever read literates. Check out His fish tank theory it will liberate you.

Connecting with Greg, reading his comment on my post and Pam Grout’s blog reminded me that I was back to labelling situations as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ and actually its just information and labelling situations blinkers me to ALL the options. It also reminded me of a “Live by List” I created for myself a while back but I was so busy living my current created physicality that I forgot to ‘Live by It’ and one of the bits of information on the list is “Tell NO stories”. If you read Greg’s books it will make sense.

Greg’s comment on my post also reminded me that I had forgotten some parts of the miracle of the Universe and the Quantum Field and that there are no accidents.

When I embarrassingly forget someone’s name I AM talking to and want to remember it and someone walks up and says “Hi Dave” that’s the quantum field.

When I remember I wanted to put a program in the TV planner but can’t remember which channel, day and time and it comes up on the next advertisement break, that’s the quantum field.

When I Am trying to lose weight and working really hard and its not working and I remember a time when I couldn’t visit the gym for 3 weeks and lost a kilo a week everyone of those 3 weeks and know deep down it’s got to be more about something other than diet and exercise and Greg Kuhn’s book “Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat” appears on the side bar of the email your reading. that’s the Quantum Field/Law of Attraction at work.


Even when we think we are alone, we’re NOT !!

I was becoming aware that as my working week was so crazy there was no time for anything else. It was the normal box style living that I do NOT want Soooooo much and if there is no room for anything else how do I work on myself to get out of the box?

Yesterday only got worse and I felt frustration building I was aware of it and did try tactics to evade it but more unexpected incidents happened making it even harder to shake. I know I was berating myself saying “well you are responsible for your experiences via your thoughts so you must have attracted this to you, it’s  your fault. Your writing a blog about LOA and you are an example of how NOT to do it” I started to feel a failure and in my self berating very alone, then I read the amazing Pam Grouts post.

Pam is always full of positively and awe of life but today she was posting of having a not such a great time. Inadvertently by Pam honestly putting her own experiences and feelings out there I thought wow even people I look up to and appear to have it all sown up have challenging times and have to work hard to ditch what she describes as the B.S.

I, not for a second wanted her to have a crappy time but it was just what I needed to hear as it instantly made me think “hey you are not such a you know what up as you think and you are an definitely not alone”

It reminded me of a book I read (which one slips my mind) which explained that high solar activity effects earth’s electromagnetic field that then effects our individual and collective intellectual and emotional behaviour and that maybe that’s what was currently happening so even in our darkest times when it’s hard to put our heads above the parapet we may not be totally responsible and we can reassure ourselves we are in fact, never EVER alone and there is always someone who can sympathise with what we are experiencing.

It also shows me how incredibly, we are undoubtedly ALL connected and the Universe is always listening and always on our sides even when we forget it is there, for as PG was reaching out she inadvertently was just what I needed and I and many others reached right back.

Other peoples LOA is Buzzy


This morning I came into work and a colleague felt compelled to tell me of a series of events that appear they will turn out very fortuitous to there grandson.

They explained how their grandson who is starting out in a music career had a gig on Saturday evening and when they arrived it was a far from favorable venue and despite being booked the hosts were far from hospitable. It had crossed their minds to cut there losses and leave but managed to come to a compromise with the landlady. Whilst their grandson was playing their son spotted a very well dressed couple look through the window. They hovered for awhile, what looked like contemplating entry but then walked away however a short time later they reappeared at the window and then entered the property.

After a while the couple approached my colleagues son sat at the bar and asked if they were connected to the musician? When aware of the connection they introduced themselves as Talent Scouts working for a famous Cruise Liner company. A discussion ensued and cards exchanged and an invitation of interview.

So what seemed an unusual and unfavorable situation turned into a very positive experience and I inquired “Do I remember recently you mentioning that he had an aspiration to play on Cruise Liners?” and they confirmed I was correct.

I felt honored that she wanted to share the news with me and it may appear it is my affiliation to the Law of Attraction that instigated the news however none of my colleagues are aware of it as are very few of my friends. That’s what makes it more exciting, to see and hear the miracle of the Law of Attraction at work in other peoples lives apart from mine is so Buzzy !!!

Why does it always surprise me!

Why does it always surprise me that the information I read etc is just right for my eyes at exactly the right time for what I Am feeling, thinking, experiencing.

I had journalled but not blogged about an experience that had made me think that’s it enough is enough my life has to change and then a sequence of events makes me buy Jen Sincero’s book “You are a Badass” and within the first few pages I Am thinking this is so spooky this is so what I need to be reading right now. I bought glossy magazines (so unlike me) but also instigated by my decision and it has inspirational articles related exactly to my current way of thinking plus a new author and book I wasn’t aware of but also appears ideal.

Later I Am thinking of how many books I have recently bought and should I be being more proactive than gaining more info in books and not having time to read post by Hay House earlier I click on to Hay House Facebook page to revisit the post and I see a post by Louise Hay saying that she is 87 on the 8th of October and she believes the best thing you can do for yourself is constantly be willing to learn new things and that she still attends as many events as she can and constantly trying to learn as many new things as she can.

Thank you Louise for answering my question about should I be reading so many books – answer ‘Yes’. Thank you once again for helping me pass my driving test (first time) and thank you for being an amazing inspiration full stop.

Happy 87 birthday xx

Don’t mess with my MOJO Flo !!

It’s been a challenging week at work and at first my ego won but then I turned up the Gratitude at bedtime and before rising. I sent out LOVE to all my colleagues and then to ALL that is. Every-night I gave thanks for an amazing day and the amazing day to come and every morning I reiterated the Gratitude for the totally awesome day ahead and LOVE to everyone and everything. By the end of the week those challenges had flow out the window and I was flying high then it almost came crashing down with a negative comment on Friday night.

I physically felt my energy go down then I thought ‘Oh no you don’t’ . I AM to important to let that happen. To attract into the physical what I desired in the non-physical is not going to get to me if I let my energy frequency dip so I took some slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, centered myself and relaxed and then I was back on cloud 9 again.

I have the same determination now to achieve my dreams I had in 1999 when I was producing my finals for my art degree and I AM embarrassed to say that its taken this long to get that feeling again but this time I AM not going to let it go to fit into somebody else’s box.

And again as if my magic the amazing Dr Wayne W. Dyer shared the equally affable Reid Tracy’s photo on Facebook.

1380275_522920604453164_1896791660_n (1)

Who is this person ?

Last night I finished a book within hours of buying it for £ 0.77p on kindle app. The title caught my eye as I knew too many times I have let this be my downfall and thought if I can find a way to over come it ‘That would be helpful’ and for £0.77p … bargain. The book was by Vishwanath and called “How to destroy self-doubt”.
Well it wasn’t what I was expecting but then ‘Pow’ !! It was telling a story of how three Deities came to a village and the villagers wanted to meet them but the Deities were on the other side of a thick forest they believed wild animals inhabited. Only three people came forward to meet the Various God figures for fear of the animals and death. Prior to the trip the forest gate-keeper was instructed to whisper some advise in the three courages villagers ears to aid and survive the journey. However one by one they all perished and in the end it was the gatekeeper that made the trip successfully and came back with much knowledge. Cut to the Batman style Kapow !! The moral was –  If you could drop doubt, fear and anxiety there is nothing you would fail at.
Anxiety about the future was the actual statement but I thought if I did in fact lead my life by dismissing fear doubt and anxiety which I, like the villagers that perished have fallen victim too, acknowledged them if they rise and remind myself that they are all false and listen to my inner voice – hey ho as the the picture below says –
Less than 3 months ago I was a stressed little puppy about money now I Am paying bills for someone else without any hesitation or stress and I’ve gone from fearful Fanny Annie to “Who cares? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Who is this person and what have you done with the old one? I “DONT” want her back.