Your Ship hasn’t sailed !!!



Over the last couple days I have heard/read two people who both state that there are never-ending possibilities despite us human beings thinking we miss opportunities, that our ship has sailed, we missed the boat but they both separately and systematically said there is ALWAYS another boat, and another and another. Every artificial minute of every artificial day …. being that time doesn’t exist and we invented it. So of course there is going to be limitless opportunities and unlimited possibilities as it is all happening right NOW.

They both said every single second, 24/7 we are being guided and actually both used the same terminology and said our job is to look for the bread crumbs laid out for us. Follow those little nudges from the Universe, listen to our intuition, acknowledge those synchronistic events that make you go “Woah, that’s spooky”. They are leading us where we want to be.

As I recalled this fact of 24/7 messages are coming our way, breadcrumbs are being laid down for us I looked around my working environment and thought ‘what breadcrumbs are here for me now?’ and with that I picked up a label that part of its ID code was LOA (Law of Attraction).

My working day was nearly done and a short time later I am kicking back on my sofa with evening meal on my lap and decide to watch a Catch-up program from the planner and one of the conversations on the TV was with Sir David Attenborough and as I looked up at the TV and said to my partner “What a wonderful life he has had” the TV presenter said “But you weren’t originally the person to present the program were you?” Sir David replied “No not at all, the person who was meant to present it got really ill about a week before the program and they said you’ll have to do it.” There’s synchronicity for you.

My current world view may not be exactly as I envisage .. Yet!!  but knowing there are new boats sailing into my harbour every minute and bread crumbs with my name on them waiting to be picked up makes every morning a far more exciting prospect of potential miracles waiting to happen.


I wrote this post really quickly and meant to write something about synchronicity and Carl Yung and then forgot. Think the Universe was trying to tell me something when I saw this picture later


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