The ‘Thing’ most of the authors I follow use had been niggling away and the back of mind. What is that thing, what’s it called that they use to blog with that seems the chosen thing of choice. Nice choice of words, very eloquent.

Just prior to getting up to go to London my instincts said if your going to read a book read ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Course I forgot like I normally do then On the way to London on the bus it popped up again so had a bit of a read until London came into site and all the planes and the swanky car show rooms loomed into sight and I was in uhhh ahhh mode.

However the niggling away thing was still there very, very quietly even whilst wondering around the Tate going uhhh ahhhh and occasionally I was wondering way? Why the question? Why the question about the bloggy thing? Why is it still there?

Today was the Perfect day. Stood in the prefect place to get on the bus, perfect seat (on my own). Same thing happened on the way home, perfect place in the gallery when it was ten minute talk time with very passionate lady, perfect tour guide for Turner tour, again very passionate. Now a very tired Ali was trying to find something to pass the time on the journey home and thought she was too tired to read but thought oh I’ll give it a try.

Well I am blogging to myself on the bus because today’s Wayne Dyer 21 says to success and inner piece subject was ‘Don’t die with your music still in you” and that’s been niggling away too and then reading ‘Suitcase Entrepenuer’ it talks about WordPress several times. WordPress, WordPress, wordpress. That’s it, that’s the bloggy thingy they all use.

Then that voice, the niggly one says investigate wordpress tomorrow and then I knew it is time. Time to blog publicially. Blog about my observations, just blog. Then that leads on to inviting other people to bog about there spooky’s too and felt so inspired had to write it down here immediately.

Maybe this is the start of getting my music out of me. Last night I was reading LOA magazine in bed and I read an article about, basically getting out of your comfort zone confronting the thing that makes you uncomfortable and push through it. We’ll earlier I’d written an Ali to Ali blog post and it really flowed like, well like no other blog post I’ve ever written. It flowed out of me, it’s was enjoyable, it was effortless, it felt RIGHT. Yesterday I was watching Tom Shadyac’s film ‘I Am’ and it was talking about how it is our heart that is the really, most important  organ in our body, not our brain. This is where who we really are lives. It eminates an electromagnetic field far beyond us and this morning I read the same thing in Wayne Dyer. Listen to your heart. Well my heart said writing is who and what I am meant to do and with wordpress niggling in the back of my mind the last few hours I think it’s time to come out of the writers closest at last and go public, to hell with what any one thinks.

Just remembered whilst on the a Tube a free website service called “Moonfruit.com” caught me eye. Investigate this as well.

Earlier on I read that Natalie from suitcase recommended Apple MacBook Air for business but also quoted her second best laptop after this one. I’d never heard of it before but as I got off the Tube at Hammersmith I quickly spotted the bill board advertising the alternative laptop Natalie had recommended. I myself would like a MacBook Air because I have an iPhone and iPad. Remembering when ever we desire something it’s instantaneously ours I am saying thanks for my new MacBook air.

Boy,Oh I am on a roll. After this idea after idea popped up but somethings have to stay in my private journalling you know. Well at least until it manifests into physical reality and I can post on the 20/09/2013 I jounalled blah blah blah blah blah and today ??/??/???? blah, blah, blah, blah has manifested into physical matter.

After blogging and reading myself silly I decided to mooch around Facebook and smiled when I saw these two photos. I noted my reading of an article about being uncomfortable and pushing through it.



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