The “Work” is …

For a long time, I don’t know why or where from but I desired to be an entrepreneur

For a long time I read biographies of successful people

For a long time I believed being an entrepreneur was something you were born with

For a long time from reading those biographies I felt I was not born with the skill

Then my world changed after writing a simple statement on a card  from following and inspired idea and reading it often

That statement was “I Am successfully self employed. Doing what I love and loving what I do”

Then a set of circumstances occurred most miraculously and I manifested my first business …. Effortlessly !!

And when I say effortlessly, with zero work on my part. It came about by a set of synchronistic events

Then I became obsessed by successful people and learning from them … but soon.

Soon I started to get a yucky feeling in my gut when I heard certain aspects they were advising

Work hard now. Play later

You have to work 16 hour plus days and sacrifice time with your family but explain to them what you are doing and why and then help them invest in what you are doing by choosing something you all want to do together when you hit a certain level of success

Take no vacations

No TV watching. That’s time you could be spending on your business. Even better do away with the TV and in some cases they came across as sanctimoniously boasting about their lack of TV home like they were some higher Business mortals for the lack of Netflix watching or even better no device to stream Netflix on

Any speak of hard work or God, how hard “they” work or how hard the work is made me just resonate away from them

Please for the love of gooseberries shut the “F” up about how frickin hard it all is

We are all “self-filling” machines

Self fulfilling inside out what we think, feel, and say

Yeah, it’s hard work because that’s what you “feel” and believe and talk about all the time and voila what ever you try to create is hard work in the process

It’s Law. It cannot be any other way

Have you ever seen those bright light beams they can send up into the sky now. Not the nicest analogy but what they do on the anniversary of 9/11

Now imagine every thought, feeling sensation and words we speak shoot up into the sky like one of those beams attracting to it like a Radio transmitter the exact manifestation of the thing we thought, felt or said

I assume me all know how magnets work?

Now imagine standing in a field innocently like a scarecrow but a magnetic scarecrow and items start resonating to you out of nowhere and start sticking to you. All over you body

If you can perceive this scenario you don’t want to be thinking about elephants

Now look, you only have yourself to blame. I told you not to think about elephants. Only kidding

Everything we think feel and say sends out a frequency signal to attract back the attention of our focus

Good, Bad, Wanted or Unwanted

We are All powerful creators and we can create the lives we have consciously but mostly, we do it unconsciously

Now I want to create a new way of creating businesses we love. An easier way, without hard work

The work is, if you can call it work is to lower our resistance as much as possible to the things we say we want

The type of people I mention above would never advocate what I am saying but I am saying follow your inspired actions, to do the things that bring you joy

If you think you should be working on you dream, goal or business but fancy watching a movie with a loved one. Watch the movie. You are lowering the resistance to the thing you desire making it more able to come to you

Any uncomfortable sensation in your body is telling you, you are out of alignment with the thing you think you should be doing so don’t do it

If a particular person says you must focus on building an email list to have a successful business and it makes sense to you by what they say about their own personal experience so you sit down with every intention to research and do such a thing and it feels like walking through mud but suddenly you get the inspiration to learn about podcasting instead and the thought of that lights you up ….

Do the thing that lights you up instead

That idea is being channelled through you and that’s the true inspiration

That thought, idea, inspiration came from Zero

The true Source of all Inspiration and that’s the idea you should follow

Zero in Ho’Oponopono is the place, space where everything is perfect before we started to take on negative beliefs and programming from the outside world and all it’s woulda, shouda, coulda’s

We can go to zero through practices like gratitude, meditation,  walking in nature, enjoying a good meal, laughing with friends and loved ones even sleeping

What we are doing at Zero is lowering the resistance we have to anything we desire and allowing it to come to us easily

No hard work required

Like my story above about getting my first business. I simply wrote a statement on a card and let go of the outcome. The how, the when and the why and got on with other things and it manifested effortlessly

I was holding no resistance to the how and when it came and boy did it come in a way I never anticipated in a format I never envisaged

What this did was, create a Faith in me that other things could come to me effortlessly and in more perfect ways than I ever envisioned and that me getting in the way trying to do things “My” way only limited and slowed down the process

What I didn’t know then was I was subconsciously using Techniques practiced in Ho’Oponopono. I only found this out after feeling an Inspiration (that wouldn’t leave me alone). A strong desire to study to be a Ho’Oponopono Practitioner

Ho’Oponopono made so much, makes so sense to me that I had felt intuitively before

I felt like I should be keeping a planner and to be a good business woman I should schedule in certain tasks and let nothing sway me from these tasks but the in reality ….

I always got swayed and the things that swayed me were far more fun or beneficial than anything I could have produced with my limited perception

Now I trust to do the thing that feels right in the moment and then trust and follow any Inspired Action that pops up via those actions or any other time I get what I call Divine Downloads

History is littered of stories of inventions and hit songs and movie plots and classic manuscripts, masterpiece pieces of art, aeroplanes, cars, phones and the list goes that came about in the weirdest scenarios and sets of synchronicities and effortlessly seemingly out of nowhere and normally taking minutes if not seconds to flow through and come to the artist/creator  and usually after they had spent years previously trying to create hit records, blockbuster films and classic manuscripts etc on their own

Take JK Rowling for instance or Oprah Winfrey’s efforts to be in my favourite film “The Color Purple”. Oprah desperately wanted to be in that film and tried everything to no avail and exhausted checked herself into a Health Farm and whilst on a Dreadmill, oh sorry Treadmill she was informed Steven Spielberg was on the phone and he offered her the part she wanted.

She didn’t know how he got the number or even how he knew she was there but what Oprah had done subconsciously was surrender and get out of the way to let the Universe (as I prefer to call it) do it’s thang

She was sending out a vibration of lack, desperation and frustration at not getting the part she so wanted

That’s what I mean by resistance.

We say we want something but then immediately doubt the possibility and think it’s taking to long. Thus setting up resistance aka “Blocking Energy”

So the work is my friend. If you can call it work, is …..

Get out of your own way. Have fun doing the things you love and follow any Inspired Ideas that come through and take the action that seems most aligned and joyous to fulfill that Inspiration and keep it fun.

Don’t get bogged down with the how and when. That creates fear and doubt. The two worst blocking energies to whatever you want

Trying to figure out how or observing it is not here yet only creates more not having the thing you want because that is where you focused attention is going and therefore magnetizing to you “Not having the thing” ~ “Resistance”

Trust that it will come at the perfect time in the perfect way and the irony is, it will probably come more quickly and more miraculously perfect than you could have ever anticipated because you eliminated the Resistance

Quick tip: Do the things you are most passionate about regardless if you were getting paid for them or not. The how it happens is not our business.

Bob Proctor says we should always focus on what we are most Passionate about and nothing else

If you are unsure what makes you tick anymore because you have been to busy doing the things that suck the life force out of you. Via my Passions, fuelled by my first business I created a simple quick easy tool to help you tap into what makes you Unique and explains how you can turn that into an income creating idea to be able to share with the world the gifts you were meant to give and it is called “Fabulous Freedom Passion Finder” and you can find it here at

My current Inspired “Passion” Idea is to share how to make businesses you love The Ho’Oponopono Way. The Ho’Oponopono Business Way so for more Ho’Oponopono Business ideas why not head over to the Facebook page called The Ho’Oponopono Business Way

I first started my journey with The Law of Attraction and created many amazing things but felt there was something missing. I then became aware of the Four Levels of Consciousness and Level 2 is very Law of Attraction. Decide what you want and deliberately create it or more commonly known “Manifest It” but the Universe could have so much more in store for you, far beyond your expectations or capacity to believe and you could be cutting yourself off from this by only “Deliberately Creating” with your limited physical view point (Level 2) when I Believe there is another way and another Level. Level 3.

That is the Art of Allowing level. That’s the effortless level I mention above. This is where we surrender and let go and trust that the Universe knows best for us. We let go and allow something even more miraculous to come to us and through us

I don’t align anymore with the Level 2 methodology of if you want a house. Write it down in every minute detail so the Universe knows what to give you. I don’t buy into the premise of “Only giving the Universe wishy washy details creates wishy washy results

We are dealing with Infinite Intelligence here. Infinite Intelligence knows what we “Truly” desire without us ever writing it down and it wants to give us something even more incredible that’s not even on the whiteboard of our desires. It’s completely off the scale

We are Infinite Intelligence and it is Us. It resides within us and it is closer than our own breath. Heck it creates the breath in this physical incarnation. How else could our lungs keep breathing and our hearts keep beating while we sleep. Not to mention all the other millions of bodily functions happening every second of every day without any assistance on our part

Oh PS: This blog post wasn’t written by me. I was just a conduit for the information I felt Inspired to transcribe

I leave it there to let you chew on that thought for a bit  but if I have struck a chord and I hope I have remember “Only focus on what you are most Passionate about” The secrets for Freedom lie within

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