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  • Have You Forgot Your Unicorn?

    Have You Forgot Your Unicorn?

    Somebody’s forgot their Unicorn was a sentence I heard come through my window this morning and it made me think…. 🦄 When I listen to peoples self talk and talk in general most people have forgotten their Unicorn’s and wonder why there is no sparkle ✨ in life When most people start a conversation it’s…

  • Day 1

    So so much of my life is sorted thanks to The Law of Attraction and daily positive motivation and continues to get better and better but it’s time to finally sort an area of my life that I have never got a complete handle on and today is day 1. #mindset #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #lawofattraction #coffeelover

  • Make Goals not Resolutions

    On the 10th of April 2016 inspired by Bob Proctor I made 2 Goal Cards from simple badge laminates I bought from Ebay and some pictures I made by using a simple phone app and put them in my purse to read them often. April 11th 2016 around 07:30am I slipped carrying out a simple…